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How to Create an OAC Data Replication from Oracle SaaS?

Oracle Analytics Cloud offer several options when it comes to loading data from Oracle SaaS (such as Financials, HCM, Sales, etc…). Using OAC against Oracle SaaS has several advantages, and most importantly being able to perform analytics on data that is not part of the SaaS application. You may be familiar with using Data Sync […]

Oracle Eloqua – Building the Bridge for Sales & Marketing

In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about Sales and Marketing alignment, but sometimes these buzz words go in one ear and out the other.  There is so much to be read about it that the volume of noise is overwhelming at times.  It’s also hard to understand what it […]

Oracle Eloqua – CRM Integration

Most of you are probably thinking this is a tough topic during a holiday season, but we are all thinking 2017 at this point, even though we are all wondering where in the world did 2016 go! Moving on…2017, a year to make things connect.  Does your Eloqua connect to a CRM?  If you answered […]

Oracle Marketing Cloud – Program Canvas versus Program Builder

If you didn’t attend Oracle’s webinar “The New Program Canvas: What Is It and How to Use it”, you missed a great event, but I captured  the highlights to share with you. Starting yesterday Oracle is rolling out the new Program Canvas per the 484 Release.  (More release details can be found here.) I want […]

Oracle Marketing Cloud – Release Details and Roadmap

What you’ve seen so far: Marketing Cloud Unification: it is the new look and feel of the applications and is being rolled out across all Oracle platforms for consistency. New Navigation: grouping common functions in Eloqua in the same area and better structure of the items in the system. Visual Changes to Campaign Canvas: Oracle […]

The Controversial Campaign

I bet you thought, wow is she really going to go into the whole Presidential Race ‘thing’…nope, not touching it!  I’ll touch on another campaign that most marketers stress or think about on occasion.  To Nurture or not to Nurture! If you have a nurture campaign, congrats! If you don’t, why not? When I’m talking […]

Oracle BICS and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration Architecture

In my last post, I described the methods of reporting from Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Apps.  In that post I illustrated the advantage of using BICS and Data Sync to provide a true Enterprise Data Warehouse due to its abilities to integrate data from all our your cloud, relational, big data and flat file sources.  This […]

Marketing Technology Landscape

Oracle just published a three-page white paper that does a pretty good job describing the landscape and drivers for digital marketing. The author focuses on: The changing journey from linear journeys to adaptive journeys How the marketing context has changed Multiple challenges you have to address.  This include the plethora of marketing technology choices Some things […]

5 Ways to Understand Your Audience Better at OOW15

Aaron Lowe and Steve Papa with Oracle’s Marketing Cloud team talked about how marketers can use the Oracle Marketing Cloud to harness known and anonymous customer data to better understand audiences. Audience management is complex and there isn’t a silver bullet available to solve your audience problems.  Steve talked about a 5 step cycle to […]

Understanding the Convergence of AdTech and MarTech

Alex Hooshmand, VP of Oracle’s Product Management in Oracle Marketing Cloud talked about how Advertising Tech (AdTech) and Marketing Tech (MarTech) are slowly converging to deliver a more consistent experience for customers.  Alex was cofounder of BlueKai, which Oracle acquired in 2014. For many years there have been two customer funnels – pre-sales funnel with awareness, […]

Innovations in Digital Marketing for Personalization at OOW15

“Infinite choice is paralyzing, and exhausting to the human psyche,”  said Barry Schwartz in The Paradox of Choice.  This concept is what drives the need to personalize content and web sites. Craig Macdonald presented this session on personalization at Oracle OpenWorld. Personalization starts with recognition – you have to have customer insight to really recognize […]

Partnerships Key to Gartner Magic Quadrant Ranking

Social media might get more attention, but both B2B and B2C firms are using cloud-based sales and marketing tools for more than just direct sales: they’re looking to build bonds with customers long before and after a purchase takes place. For a portfolio of offerings designed to build and strengthen relationships, it’s appropriate that business […]

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