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Oracle Marketing Cloud – Release Details and Roadmap

What you’ve seen so far:

  1. Marketing Cloud Unification: it is the new look and feel of the applications and is being rolled out across all Oracle platforms for consistency.
  2. New Navigation: grouping common functions in Eloqua in the same area and better structure of the items in the system.
  3. Visual Changes to Campaign Canvas: Oracle listened and made some changes! A few include the blur effect when the text goes over a line, for easier readability, more traditional colors when branching off from decisions, and dotted lines to related assets verses the solid line of old.
  4. Revised Form Editor: the ability to add progressive profiling capability out of the form verses an app.
  5. Visual Click-through Report: This feature allows you to see where people are clicking on the links in the email. It tracks the links individually even through the link may be the same throughout.
  6. Sales Tools: If you use Profiler and Engage, they have gone through some changes and more are planned. With regard to Profiler, it is more responsive for the sales person to use on their mobile or tablet, as well as desktop. Engage is going through these changes as well so that it will be more responsive in the future.
  7. Native Apps: Contact Washing Machine, now if you haven’t checked this one out, you should. Its use case is to cleanse the data before sending, right on the Campaign Canvas.  It is GA, so you can go to the Market Place to find it and load into your Eloqua instance for free.  Facebook Lead Ads is also a great one if you are doing any Facebook forms, it will capture the data and send to Eloqua.


Ok, so enough about what is out…let’s see what’s coming!

  1. Reporting: Insights has always been a bit clunky, but soon you will get to have an experience with Oracle BI (OBI). This will improve reporting capabilities with a better look and feel.  You won’t lose any current functionality, i.e. scheduling of reports and custom reports (analyzer) that you have today, it will just be in a different UI.  There is an item on the Oracle Roadmap to expose the API to get data out of OBI.
  2. Program Canvas: Since I mentioned this above it is in controlled availability today, but will be GA in the next release (depending on your POD will be somewhere between November 15-27).
  3. Oracle Sales Tools extension for Outlook: This is going to allow for Engage and Profiler to be an extension of Outlook so that there will no longer be a need to login in to another system, the data can be reviewed and used directly out of Outlook. This is coming in the first half of 2017.


Strategic Investments:

  1. Responsive Content Creation: the ability to edit prebuilt templates that are responsive and save as your own. It will provide a new out of the box editing.
  2. Extending Account Based Profiler: having key insights into the account and activity and being able to drill down into more details of the contacts and who the primary contacts are for the account.
  3. App Based Integrations: Oracle Sales Cloud is live today in Controlled Availability; Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics will be in 2017.
  4. Marketing Cloud Unification: this is an ongoing effort to makes sure that all platforms are using the same Alta UX framework. Identity Cloud Services a single integration point.  Oracle Business Intelligence, used as the new reporting engine to build more relevant reporting.  Tenant Administrative System to have one source to manage subscriptions.


Date for releases:

  • Program Canvas – GA in next release (Nov. 15-27)
  • Analytics Dashboards – GA in next release (Nov. 15-27) this can be suppressed if you don’t want users to see the new reporting.
  • Insight Area – Early 2017
  • Outlook Extension – 2017
  • Responsive content Creation – throughout 2017
  • Integration Apps – Oracle Sales Cloud is controlled availability now, SFDC will be first half of 2017 for controlled availability, and there will be others that will come out as well.

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