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Code List Maintenance In Argus Safety

Code list maintenance is critical in Oracle’s Argus Safety. These code lists often present as drop-downs in the case entry sub-system. While the entry, modification or removal of these list of value options are very convenient, it does take some effort to ensure the reliable data points that are used everywhere in the system are […]

Activating Field Labels In Argus Safety

  One of the other major benefits of Argus Safety, Oracle’s drug safety and pharmacovigilance system, is the ability to maintain administrative tasks in an easy-to-use interface. The following blog post reviews some of the very simple possibilities of configuring Argus Safety to your own needs with minimal technical effort. 

Working With Multiple Adverse Event Cases In Argus Safety

  We recently discussed the ability to access previously visited adverse event cases very quickly in Oracle’s safety and pharmacovigilance system, Argus Safety. For this post, we’ll cover a feature that many of our clients love. Argus Safety enables users to open multiple cases simultaneously, although it’s not possible to view both of the cases at […]

Accessing Previous Adverse Event Cases In Argus Safety

  The last post we wrote on Argus Safety features was about the system’s autocomplete functionality. Another great feature of Oracle’s safety and pharmacovigilance system is the ability to quickly go back to an adverse event case that you previously accessed. This can be done in just a couple of clicks from the menu, saving you […]

A Google-Like Feature In Oracle Argus Safety

  When evaluating Oracle Argus Safety for the reporting and management of adverse events or product complaints, one thing is clear to me; a company can save a tremendous amount of time by leveraging Argus’ innate functionality to assist in the tedious tasks around case entry. In the next few blog posts, we will look at several […]

Worklists In Argus Safety

  Last week we covered dashboards in Oracle’s Argus Safety. Today we’ll talk about Worklists. Worklists in the drug safety and pharmacovigilance system can be seen as the end-users task list for the day. While there are many Worklists to help organize a company’s users, today we will focus on two of the main ones, which […]

Dashboards In Argus Safety

  We recently discussed reporting and the tracking of E2B transmissions in Oracle Argus Safety. Today, we’ll highlight some of the dashboards that are available in the drug safety and pharmacovigilance system. As you can see from the menu in the first screenshot below, these are the dashboards built into the system. 

Report Generation And E2B Transmission Tracking In Argus Safety

  In our last post on Argus Safety features, we talked about the tracking of ICSRs. For today’s post, we’ll highlight reporting in Argus Safety. Entering the parameters to run a report is very intuitive because the parameters match all of the dropdown lists that legacy Oracle users are already familiar with. 

Periodic Reporting In Argus Safety

  When it comes to periodic reporting, we feel that the generation and tracking of periodic reports in Oracle’s Argus Safety is far easier than in other safety and pharmacovigilance systems. In the system, periodic reports are all created and generated from a central screen within the application.   The four basic kinds of periodic […]

Regulatory Reporting Rules In Argus Safety

  In Argus Safety, all of the parameters for configuring the worldwide regulatory reporting rules are clearly identified on a single administration screen. You have the capability of selecting various case or event-level attributes, as well as using very advanced conditions, to focus the automated triggering of these report rules in various circumstances. 

Regulatory Report Tracking In Oracle Argus Safety

  One of the things we hear most is how simple Oracle Argus Safety is to navigate. In the image (click it to enlarge) above, you’ll notice a familiar folder structure in the upper part of the Regulatory Reports screen – it looks just like Windows Explorer and works similarly. It allows you to drill […]

Medical Review In Argus Safety

  Much like the Coding Review screen, the Medical Review screen is functionality in Oracle’s Argus Safety that displays the relevant case in a single central window and allows a medical reviewer to see all of the key data points that he or she would use when assessing the case. 

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