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Engagement Cloud R13: SmartText – An Agent Productivity Tool

Recently, I had an opportunity to participate in Engagement Cloud R13 workshop for Oracle partners. During the workshop, we explored many of the new Engagement Cloud capabilities. In this blog post, I am going to explain how to use SmartText (one of the Productivity Tools), which enables the speed and consistency of Agents working on Service […]

5 Ways to Resolve Cases Faster with the New Lightning Console

Have you ever had a client that has a case SLA of less than 5 minutes? Well, let me tell you they do exist, and every click, drag and scroll counts towards making sure you close that case as soon as possible. When your agents are coming from using only emails to communicate with Partners […]

Three Service Console Updates to Keep It Fresh for Agents

Salesforce does a fantastic job of constantly pushing out enhancements, but we know that it’s sometimes tough to keep up with it all.  Here are three easy Service Console updates in Service Cloud that will certainly make your support reps happy! #1 Get Rid of the Highlight Panel Why? Well because they take up a lot […]

Service Cloud Console Migration Tips and Best Practices

For those of you still managing cases in the classic Salesforce view and interested in migrating to the Service Console, or thinking about migrating to the Salesforce Service Console from another case management system altogether, I hope you find this post helpful in prepping your team for the move. Migrating a group on to a […]