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Sitecore Ignition: Getting Started

This is a quick getting-started video for people wanting to clone and start working with Sitecore Ignition.

Github location:

Find us on #ignition on the Sitecore Community Slack

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3 responses to “Sitecore Ignition: Getting Started”

  1. Corey Smith says:

    Hey Ethan,

    I cloned your forked repository, setup a new instance of Sitecore 8.1 Update-3, and I was able to sync the TDS projects without issue using TDS A few questions:

    1. What version of Sitecore are you using?
    2. What version of TDS are you using?
    3. Did you sync Ignition.Root.TDS.Master and then Ignition.Sc.TDS.Master, in that order?
  2. Not sure if you taking these here… I forked the repo but when I try to sync the TDS projects I get an error that the templates already exist?

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