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Site Clusters – Part 4: Renderings shmenderings; or why you should care about Shared and Final layout

A critical portion of understanding Site Clusters is wrapping your head around Shared and Final layout, and understanding their impact on your assembly.

SOLR Failure Brings Down Live Sitecore Site

Recently, a client’s live Sitecore site was brought down completely by a failure in the SOLR search provider service. Immediately we tracked down the root cause of the issue and set to work on resolving it. I’ll start with the root cause and continue on with the steps that were taken to prevent Sitecore from […]

Sitecore – Template and Item Icons Saved with Icon Cache Path

Have you started to notice broken icons in the Sitecore Content Editor recently? In this post I’ll dive into the root cause of the issue and how to fix it.

SPEAK Up! The Anatomy of a Sitecore SPEAK Application

In my introduction to Sitecore’s SPEAK framework, I mentioned that SPEAK applications should always be built from a branch template provided by Sitecore. While it is possible to write a SPEAK page from scratch, there are many moving pieces to consider. Because all SPEAK applications require certain components to function (JS libraries, CSS, a Sitecore layout, etc.), this article […]

Sitecore Ignition: A Webinar Overview

This is an internal training webinar that ran on the week of 6/13/2016. It included members of our Sitecore team both in Atlanta and elsewhere, and included people who had used the framework extensively as well as total newcomers. Sitecore Ignition is an Open Source Development Accelerator and set of best practices for rapidly developing […]

SPEAK Up! Building Applications for the Sitecore Backend

What is SPEAK? Sitecore Process Enablement & Accelerator Kit is a set of standard tools that allow developers to build custom applications for Sitecore users inside the familiar Sitecore backend. SPEAK attempts to provide most of the tools a developer needs to build quickly and efficiently. SPEAK follows a convention-over-configuration paradigm, bringing together common JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Sitecore […]

Sitecore Ignition: Getting Started

This is a quick getting-started video for people wanting to clone and start working with Sitecore Ignition. Github location: Find us on #ignition on the Sitecore Community Slack On Twitter: @ignition_sc @sitecorejon @sitecorey @sitecoregeorge @sitecorechris Or ask a question or comment below!

Sitecore Developers: Start! Your! Ignition!

So, besides an excuse to use the old reliable “Start your engines!” trope, what is Ignition? Ignition is an open source development accelerator designed by the team at Perficient and released to the Sitecore community as a quick-start tool for beginning Sitecore projects. It has two primary components: the Sitecore Information Architecture piece and the .NET […]

Road map to Set-Up Content Editor Security in Sitecore 8

I was tasked with setting up the security settings which was needed for the content editors providing the content of the Sitecore site we are working on. While Sitecore provides an author role, it does not provide an editor role which allows a content editor to edit existing items and well as add new items […]

Sitecore – Remove Port 443 from Sitecore-Generated HTTPS URLs

After we enabled HTTPS on one of our clients’ sites in their pre-prod environment, Sitecore started to add :443 to all URLs, which was undesirable from an SEO perspective. I found this question on Stack Overflow about the issue, and I tried the suggestions of setting scheme=”https” and port=”443″ in the site definition, hoping that Sitecore’s built-in LinkProvider would recognize :443 to be redundant in the URLs, […]

Sitecore 8 Branch IDs info is lost when Installed from a Package

I have been working in a Sitecore environment where in code, I am checking the branch template ID of an item when searching for those items using Coveo.  Once I completed my unit testing of this functionality in my local development environment, to move things along, I created a package of these items to install […]

Re-installing the Coveo Sitecore package on Sitecore 8

In this blog I want to discuss what to look out for if you are re-installing the Coveo package unto Sitecore 8.  In developing within a Sitecore 8 site recently I had installed the Coveo version 1266 package on the site but needed to replace it with the Coveo version 1226.  Each time I tried […]

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