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Using OSN for Collaboration in Cloud (Pt. 2)

Continuing the tips from last weeks post regarding the effectiveness of collaborating through OSN, there are a few more points to bring up regarding this helpful tool.

1. Check the ‘Trending’ pane to see what topics are floating around through your company’s OSN. This can be a great reference area if management or team members post important details on current or upcoming project, for example.

2. Look for the OSN icon throughout the modules within your Fusion Cloud applications to see where you have the ability to communicate through OSN.

3. Remember: The purpose of OSN is to allow employees to collaborate within the workplace, all while associating business systems with activities and being able to track work.

4. For sales groups, potential opportunities can be shared with others that can help close the deal. The name, location and other details can all be shared so all team members are in the loop and can do whatever they can to finalize the sale.

5. Use the Collections tab to group documents, reference materials or people’s names according to a project. This could be grouped for a potential sale, upcoming project or a list of tasks that need to be completed in the week, for example.

All in all, Oracle Social Network is a great tool to make teams more efficient in collaboration and communication. Hopefully clients really start to understand the benefit of using it and see great potential in the effectiveness it can have in a workplace. Remember to look for this logo the next time you are in your Cloud instance so you can get familiar with it and help others become more familiar with it:


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