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Achieving Customer Success with Oracle ERP and SCM Cloud

Is the business transformation aspect of a move to the cloud just hype? No, but even though the benefits are very real, Oracle estimates only 7% of Oracle ERP customers have started their cloud migration. What’s clear is that companies running on a cloud platform have a competitive advantage; one that differentiates them not just […]

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Imaging in the Cloud – Make Payables Pay Off at #C19TX

In this world of automation and the new standard for productivity, out-of-the-box Automated Invoice Imaging integration, provides you with a hands-free, paper-free, storage free process to create Payables invoices in Oracle Cloud. Supplier’s Invoices are emailed/scanned and Oracle Invoice Imaging will create the invoices in Payables. Let Oracle Invoice Imaging solution simplify the Invoice data […]

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How Many Ways Can a State Tax a Remote Seller?

Editor’s Note: This guest blog post comes courtesy of Gail Cole with Avalara. There’s been a lot of focus in recent months about economic nexus, but there are many ways for a state to tax a remote sale. Economic nexus is the preferred method du jour because of South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. (June 21, 2018). In Wayfair, […]

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Introduction to Oracle Big Data Cloud Service at #C19TX

Oracle Cloud provides several big data services and deployment models. The big data service choices enable you to start at the cost and capability level suitable to your use case and gives you the flexibility to adapt your choices as your requirements change over time. Big Data Cloud Service and Big Data SQL Cloud Service […]

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Smart View Health Check Simplifying Registry Settings

Have you ever been working in Excel using the Smart View addin and when you go to refresh Excel crashes or your retrieval stops?  Well, one contributor could be your internet registry settings.  I can hear you saying: “What?  Internet settings cannot be the issue… I’m working in Excel!”  However, I have found in many […]

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Right Around The Corner: Oracle Health Sciences Connect 2019

Oracle Health Sciences Connect is a unique conference that brings thought leaders together to share deep industry knowledge and best practices that revolve around clinical and safety applications. This year, the event takes place in Philadelphia from April 9–10, 2019. Perficient will deliver three presentations throughout the conference, and we invite all of you to […]

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2019 – the year of marketplace facilitator sales tax

Editor’s Note: This guest blog post comes courtesy of Gail Cole with Avalara. Approximately 13 states already hold at least some marketplace facilitators or providers liable for the tax on third-party sales. By this time next year, there’s a good chance every state with a general sales tax will do the same. After Amazon started collecting and remitting […]

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Test principles – Data Warehouse vs Data Lake vs Data Vault

Understand Data Warehouse, Data Lake and Data Vault and their specific test principles. This blog tries to throw light on the terminologies data warehouse, data lake and data vault. It will give insight on their advantages, differences and upon the testing principles involved in each of these data modeling methodologies. Let us begin with data […]

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FCCS Account Types and Translation

In HFM we are used to assigning Account Type = Balance for Balance Sheet Accounts and Account Type = Flow for P&L Accounts. Balance Accounts are translated using Ending Rates while Flow Accounts are translated using Average Rates. In FCCS, we assign Account Type = Flow both for Balance Sheet and P&L Accounts. Since data […]

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How to Enable FCCS Balance Account

The basic Accounting formula is Total Assets = Total Liabilities + Total Equity. The seeded account FCCS_Balance in FCCS application is designed to temporarily house the imbalance in the basic Accounting formula at Entity Currency. By default, this seeded account is Disabled for all Scenarios. To enable this account, open the Balance the Balance Sheet […]

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Planning and Budgeting vs Strategic Modeling in EPBCS at #C19TX

As organizations build long-range plans and short-term budget/forecasts, they derive either a strategic decision or tactical decisions. The implementation need for strategic modeling vs Hyperion planning on the cloud is based on such decisions. Join me for my informational session at Collaborate 19 where we will highlight use cases for Strategic Modeling and how it […]

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Mastering EPM Java API for BI Reporting at #C19TX

Collaborate is where the Oracle user community comes together to share and learn through 1200+ education sessions, panels, and networking events. This year, Collaborate 19, is being held April 7-11 in San Antonio, TX. Oracle’s enterprise performance management (EPM) Java application program interfaces (API) can be very powerful in exacting and loading Oracle’s Hyperion financial […]

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You Want to Know Why the Oracle Asset and Asset Lines Look “off”?

Users ask, “Why do the asset and lines coming into Assets from Projects look off?” The straightforward answer is the screen layout is confusing. After Projects interfaces summarized asset lines to Assets, the Assets team must analyze and then post asset costs. A question we’re faced with at some point in every project where PPM […]

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Oracle Cloud Period Close – What’s New?

Oracle Cloud ERP Application period close process is conducted in a chronological fashion across modules Financials, Procurement, and Projects. The period close process has inherent dependencies among some of the modules. Oracle Cloud introduced some changes on the dependencies and ownership of these processes. This paper details the changes around period close processes. Oracle Cloud […]

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Connect with Perficient at Modern Business Experience #OracleMBX

What do you get when you combine three major conferences Modern Finance Experience, Modern Supply Chain Experience and Oracle HCM World into a single event? Three days of visionary keynotes, conference sessions, theater sessions, demos, networking receptions and more with an estimated 6,000 colleagues with like interests! Perficient is proud to be a silver sponsor of […]

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Welcome to the Period of Augmented Analytics

According to Gartner, Augmented Analytics Is the future of Data and Analytics – the next disruption in Analytics and Business Intelligence. It’s the capability of automating insights using machine learning and natural-language generation. If we look back over the last two decades, there are three different waves in the Analytics and Business Intelligence space. Analytics […]

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What’s the fate of incentives for voluntary sales tax collection?

Editor’s Note: This guest blog post comes courtesy of Gail Cole with Avalara. Will incentives for voluntary sales tax collection go the way of the dodo bird?  To encourage voluntarily collection, some states provide perks to remote retailers that volunteer to collect and remit sales tax. Are such incentives still needed now that states have been granted the […]

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FCCS Eliminations

Elimination process in FCCS  The consolidation process in FCCS includes elimination of intercompany balances, which will occur when intercompany entities meet at the first common parent within the Entity hierarchy. The elimination process use Entity, Intercompany, Account, Data Source, and Consolidation Dimensions. In addition, an intercompany “Balancing Account” or Plug Account must be created to […]

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IFRS 16: Struggling to Find a Lease Management Tool? – Part 3

Part 3 of 3 Part Series FCCS IFRS 16 journal generator This is the third and final blog in this series reviewing Oracle’s Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud (FCCS) with their IFRS 16 solution for lease reporting and management.  All screen shots are from an Oracle provided demo. In Part 1, we reviewed the benefits […]

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7 Sessions to Add to Your Collaborate 19 Agenda #C19TX

Perficient is proud to be an OAUG Star Partner and exhibitor at Collaborate 19, which is being held April 7-11 in San Antonio, TX. Did you know that Collaborate is where the Oracle user community comes together to share and learn through 1200+ education sessions, panels and networking events? We are honored to have been […]

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