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Sitecore MVC – Use Value Providers to Bind from Sitecore

A few months ago a question popped up on Sitecore Stack Exchange about why parameters passed into the Html.Sitecore().ControllerRendering(string controllerName, string actionName, object parameters) method introduced in Sitecore 8.2 do not bind to the action parameters in the called action method. I answered why the parameters don’t bind and suggested that if you want this functionality, you […]

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Sitecore – Custom Media Items in Media Library Browser

Sitecore has several templates it uses for items uploaded into the Media Library that can all be found at /sitecore/templates/System/Media. There are templates for all media types–documents, images, files, and more. As part of a custom integration project for a client, I needed to add some custom fields on to items added into the Media […]

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Sitecore Media Framework – Import Buttons Not Displaying

I developed a custom connector for the Sitecore Media Framework for a client to import media from their Digital Asset Management system into Sitecore through the Content Editor. Sitecore’s documentation for developing a custom connector lays out the process for developing a connector very well, but it leaves out a key step when creating the Import […]

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Sitecore – Add Session to Web API

Out of the box, Web API does not support session. It’s possible to enable it, but requires a bit of work. In this blog post, I’ll cover how you can enable session in Web API for your Sitecore solutions with a custom pipeline processor.

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Sitecore – Unrelated Items Publish When Publishing Item

Colleague Bill Cacy and I have been actively working with Sitecore recently on an issue that has been affecting one of our clients. When publishing a single item in the content tree with Publish related items checked, seemingly unrelated items, all the way up to the Home item, are being published as well.

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Sitecore Stack Exchange Needs You!

Two months ago Mark Cassidy launched a proposal to start a Sitecore site on Stack Exchange. At Sitecore Symposium, it was announced that the Sitecore proposal was the fastest proposal ever on Area 51 (Stack Exchange’s New Site Staging Zone) to garner enough support to move into private beta. On September 13, just a month (!!!) after the proposal […]

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Glass Mapper – Mapping Sitecore List Fields

Sitecore has five list field types that Glass Mapper maps: Checklist, Multilist, Multilist with Search, Treelist, and TreelistEx. Out of the box, Glass Mapper supports mapping these field types to two .NET collection types: IEnumerable<T> and IList<T>. In this post I’ll cover how to use Glass Mapper to map your code models to these field types.

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