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[C2I] Countdown to Ignition Day 4 – Why It Matters to Devs

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Corey (@sitecorey) here on Day 4 of Countdown to Ignition (#C2I) to speak to Sitecore developers on the importance of the Ignition Framework.

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What does Ignition bring you as a developer?

For developers, you’re getting an enterprise-ready architecture that is fully testable, scalable, and follows good architectural patterns. We use Simple Injector for IoC and managing dependencies. We use Glass Mapper as our ORM, so you’re coding against strongly typed classes instead of the string-based API. Your dependency graph is clean and clear, and all you need to start developing in Sitecore using the same principles you apply to your code are there to be used.
We focus on template reuse and inheritance and we connect the Sitecore items to code in a clean, consistent, and most of all simple fashion. Even developers with no Sitecore experience can quickly get up and running, and people who are not accustomed to MVC will have an equally easy time. In short, we’re passing on to you all of the answers to the problems we’ve faced in our years of working with Sitecore as well as our institutional knowledge of things related to your solution architecture!
Many times we’ve encountered existing solutions that don’t properly use data sources, rendering much of the power of Sitecore’s personalization and testing hamstrung! Other sites fail to support the Experience Editor correctly, or make maintenance more complicated due to poor template structures. We provide the patterns and examples to correctly implement these and many other stumbling blocks!

How do you get started with Ignition?

Getting started with Ignition is easy! You can clone the Ignition repository from GitHub to get started right away, or browse the documentation at Read the Docs for a deeper dive into usage, examples, and driving principles. Additionally, browse articles right here on the Perficient blog for more in-depth use cases and examples.

Meet the Ignition Team

If you’re in New Orleans this week for #SitecoreSYM, please stop by booth #217 in the Partner Pavilion on Thursday and Friday. Talk to the team that built Ignition and learn more about how your team can have a best-practice head start with the Ignition Framework. We’re also giving away some cool stuff and holding a raffle; be sure to stop by!
George Chang (@sitecoregeorge) from the Ignition team will be speaking at Symposium with Tim McCarthy on Friday, don’t miss the session!
Sitecore DevOps Goodness on Azure: Visual Studio Team Services
Speakers: George Chang and Tim McCarthy
Friday, September 16, 2016
11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

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