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Sitecore Bootcamp for Developers

Welcome to Sitecore Bootcamp for Developers. This series is geared towards developers that are new to Sitecore, but have some experience with content management tools, .NET Programming (C# and .NET MVC), Visual Studio, and IIS. This series focuses on Sitecore MVC (which is not exactly the same as .NET MVC) and Sitecore version 8.X.

Part 1 and the accompanying video (11/6), are a brief introduction to Sitecore including some of the main features and terminology. We’ll use the Habitat demo site provided by Sitecore. You’ll see how to navigate the Sitecore UI and quickly jump into many technical concepts and details about Sitecore that are relevant to you as a developer. Part 2 (11/8) walks you through installing Sitecore and setting up IIS to view a Sitecore website on your local machine. In part 3 (11/14), we setup your local development environment. In part 4 (11/16) we build our first Sitecore content module. In part 5 (11/20), we extend our content module to use the Experience Editor allowing inline content editing. Part 6 (11/22) will show some common problems encountered by new Sitecore developers and how to overcome them. The final wrapup (11/27) will show where to go for additional developer resources.

After you have gone through this series, you will be able to navigate within Sitecore’s admin area, create modules in Sitecore, leverage the Experience Editor, and be ready to begin development on your first Sitecore project. Keep in mind this series does not include any architectural concepts or deployment strategies outside your local machine. Sitecore has published its “Helix” guidelines for solution architechture best practices. Perficient has its own Sitecore framework “Ignition” that aligns closely with the Helix guidelines. Ignition saves Sitecore developers time by automatically doing some of the manual work we are doing in this series. But it is helpful to know the manual way before you jump into Helix or Ignition.

Be sure to follow me through the entire month of November 2017 and follow along with each part as they become available. Thanks for reading, and be sure to leave me comments or questions, I would love to chat with you about Sitecore.

Created by: Eric Sanner, Brandon Bruno, Alan Tibbs

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