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Sophey Schrull

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An Unnecessary Bottle Opener: A Digital Experience Story

A couple of years ago I walked into a sporting goods store in my area because I love the feeling of optimism I get while looking at mountain bikes and thinking that this will be the year I do XYZ. I have yet to do that, but I digress. While there, I purchased a pair […]

User Experience: When Best Practices Are Just Bad Habits

In virtually every kickoff meeting or design review I’ve ever attended, the words “Best Practice” get brought up at least once. At their core, best practices are supposed to be the accepted rules that we as designers reference to make sure our work is the best it can be. Like minimum code in construction, best […]

Evolving Your Design to Fit the iPhone X

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X, it seemed like everyone on the internet immediately had an opinion. Not that this is anything new, it’s the internet. The X looks to take the iconic phone a big step further, combining a lot of new features with some that have been slowly ramping up across recent releases. […]

How User Experience is Customer Service

Stop and think about your day. How many times do you interact with someone in a service-based role? Is it your morning coffee? The front desk of your daycare, office, or gym? Did you go out for lunch? Grab the dry-cleaning on the way home? Was it a call to tech support? A trip to […]