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Rene Strawser

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Manually Configuring Outlook for Office 365 (Exchange 2013)

With the new version of Office 365 on the Exchange 2013 platform, Microsoft really recommends using Autodiscover for client configuration and connectivity.  There may be some instances during coexistence where Autodiscover cannot be changed/redirected. The following are the steps in order to gather and configure Outlook manually.  This manual configuration is on a per user […]

“Insufficient Privileges” Error Configuring ADFS 2.0 for Single Sign-on with Office 365

I ran into an issue recently that, although was a quick fix, there was not much information posted about it. The problem came during the configuration of AD FS for single sign-on with Office 365, when AD FS looks for the Program Data container to add the specific application and certificate information within Active Directory. […]

Creating Bulk AD User Accounts using PowerShell

I am sure most administrators have received a request to create several AD accounts due to acquisitions, mergers, or for other reasons. I had one of those requests which consisted of populating an AD environment that was to be used for Directory Synchronization with BPOS/Office 365. There are a lot of Bulk AD scripts out […]

Modifying Target Address in Quest NME for Exchange/BPOS/Office 365 Migration Testing

In preparing for a migration to Exchange, BPOS, or Office 365 testing is crucial. The advantage to using a third party tool such as Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange is the ability to easily modify certain attributes, such as the SMTP Target Address, for migration testing purposes. In this scenario, the object is to prepare […]

Migrating Voicemail from Lotus Notes to Office 365/BPOS/Exchange

Prior to any migration, proper planning and testing should always be performed. Such is the case if you have voicemail integrated into Lotus Notes using non-standard forms and want to include voicemail as part of your migration plan. Using Quest’s Notes Migrator for Exchange (NME), which the latest version 4.4.x includes the capability of migrating […]