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Modifying Target Address in Quest NME for Exchange/BPOS/Office 365 Migration Testing

In preparing for a migration to Exchange, BPOS, or Office 365 testing is crucial. The advantage to using a third party tool such as Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange is the ability to easily modify certain attributes, such as the SMTP Target Address, for migration testing purposes.
In this scenario, the object is to prepare the environment and NME tool for migration testing using test accounts for validation. The testing will validate the proper configuration of the migration consoles and provide the information for calculating the amount of data to be migrated, the times it takes for migration of the data, and to calculate the achievable performance for the full migration.
The use of test accounts and modifying the NME database will provide the critical information needed to plan for a successful migration.

  1. Mail domain is added to BPOS/Office 365 and verified.
  2. Mail domain is set to External Relay.
  3. There are test accounts created in AD and Directory Synchronization has populated those accounts into BPOS/Office 365.
  4. Test accounts have been activated and assigned a license.
    1. For details on Activating and Assigning a License in BPOS, click HERE
    2. For details on Activating and Assigning a License in Office 365, click HERE


  1. In NME, Click on Export Notes Directory > Export objects to TSV > Provide the file a name and Save.
  2. Open the TSV file in Excel.

Notice the Target Address column. We will want to change the Target Address to point to the test accounts that we created and that have been activated in BPOS/Office 365.

  1. For the users you want to change the target address field, simply replace their current target address to the test accounts.
  2. Save the file. Make sure to keep the file as TSV.
  3. Import the file back into NME.

You are ready to perform migration testing.
Make sure when it comes time to perform the actual migration, you change the Target Addresses of the users you changed back to their original target address.

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