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Migrating Voicemail from Lotus Notes to Office 365/BPOS/Exchange

Prior to any migration, proper planning and testing should always be performed. Such is the case if you have voicemail integrated into Lotus Notes using non-standard forms and want to include voicemail as part of your migration plan.

Using Quest’s Notes Migrator for Exchange (NME), which the latest version 4.4.x includes the capability of migrating from Lotus Notes directly to BPOS and Office 365, you can easily modify the tool to include any non-standard forms.

In this migration to BPOS scenario, the Company uses Cisco UCS for integration of voicemail into Lotus Notes. The Company did not use a standard Notes form such as Standard or Memo for the integration. During a test migration, NME was not able to migrate the data from the non-standard form because it did not know about the special form. The clue in this scenario was in viewing the Logs and finding the warning/error message as stated below:

WARNING: [7342-4-7-00000000] Message was filtered or skipped because: Not migrating unknown message form: UCSVoiceMail

To resolve this issue and make all of the users happy so they can still have access to their past voicemails after migration, you will want to modify the Global Default Setting configuration file [ini file] within the Migration Manager.

On the Migration Console, open the Global Default Settings configuration file located under Edit on the toolbar.

Locate the section titled Notes, as shown below, and add the additional form(s) such as UCSVoiceMail to the MemoForms line. You may need to add the MemoForms line if is it not already present. Save the file and you are now on your way to a successful migration of voicemail.



The Domino Administrator should be able to provide to you a list of any non-standard forms or templates they may be using within their environment. You can then simply add the lines into NME. Knowing this information up front will ensure a successful migration.

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