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Ross Burger

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Quest Lotus Notes Migrator for SharePoint: Migrating Fields with Populated Drop-Down Menus

When using the Quest Migrator tool to migrate a client from Lotus Notes to SharePoint Online/Office 365, you are provided with a very straight-forward interface to migrate DB’s and applications to the new SharePoint environment. However, when trying to keep consistency between environments checks and modifications are needed to ensure the items are correctly migrated. […]

How to Create a Simple SharePoint “Help Desk”

When introducing SharePoint to new users it is important to have a forum where users can reach out for help. To accomplish this, as simply as possible, I created a simple Help Desk page. All you need to create this page is: Create a group of users who will manage and respond to the tickets […]

Office 365-SharePoint Online Disabling the “My Site” Feature

ISSUE: When working with several clients to get them started with SharePoint Online, many clients are not yet ready to give users the full functionality/customizations that the “My Site” feature provides. Whether it is the social features, personal features, or just the creation of a personal site, many clients feel like they need their users […]