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How to Create a Simple SharePoint “Help Desk”

When introducing SharePoint to new users it is important to have a forum where users can reach out for help. To accomplish this, as simply as possible, I created a simple Help Desk page. All you need to create this page is:

  1. Create a group of users who will manage and respond to the tickets
  2. Create a “Help Desk” page or site that all users will have access to
  3. Create two lists
    1. The first list will be on the “Help Desk” page and will serve as a place for users to submit their issues. Add columns to this list that will allow users to add information that pertains to their issue and help your team resolve the problems.

    2. Create the second list (Issues) and set its permissions so that only the help desk team will have access to it.

      *If you want your help desk team to have additional columns to aid them in tracking and creation of issues, feel free to add them here, but make sure all of the columns from the “Help Desk” list are included.

  4. Open site in SharePoint Designer and create a two-tiered workflow associated with list “Help Desk” from above.
    1. Copy the current list item to the “Issues” list.
    2. Next, delete the current item. (Doing this will act as a “submission” of the users issue/ticket, and will keep users submissions from being visible to one another.)
    3. Then set up an email to the owner of the item, so they receive confirmation that their issue has been submitted.

  5. Publish the workflow to your site.

This is a very basic workflow and concepts; however, you can add other elements to make it more advanced. For instance, you can add elements to alert your “Help Desk” group when items are created, or add workflows/elements to track and notify users of the status of their issues.

Thoughts on “How to Create a Simple SharePoint “Help Desk””

  1. Hi there! Thanks for the great step-by-step help! I have set it all up, but am having issues with items being moved between the lists. If the user does not have permissions at all in List #2, the item does not copy from List #1 and delete, as listed in the workflow.
    However, if the user has permission to both List #1 and List #2, then the workflow works.
    How do I enable the list items to move, while heavily restricting permissions to List #2? I’ve tried everything I can think of for permissions.

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