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Office 365-SharePoint Online Disabling the “My Site” Feature

When working with several clients to get them started with SharePoint Online, many clients are not yet ready to give users the full functionality/customizations that the “My Site” feature provides. Whether it is the social features, personal features, or just the creation of a personal site, many clients feel like they need their users need to have more training/conformability with SharePoint before giving them access. These features are now relatively easy to turn off, if you know where to look for them.

  1. Go to the “SharePoint Online Administration Center”
  2. Go to “Manage User Profiles”
  3. Under the “People” tab select “Manage User Permissions”
  4. Now add/select the users or accounts you want to disable the functionality for
  5. Next you will have check boxes for the “My Site” functionality where you can easily disable any or all of the functions.

*Note: To disable the functionality for all users, use the “spo-grid-all-users” account.

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