Novil Pawar

Novil Pawar has over 3 years of experience in the BI domain and works on technology stacks such as Power BI, SQL, and SSIS.

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Power BI Performance Tuning

Power BI Performance Tuning Whenever we start developing reports in Power BI three important things always come to mind these are data accuracy, data security, and report performance. If the report performance is not up to the mark, then there is no meaning of how much effort we have put into it, we have to […]

Making Smart Business Decisions As A Team

Dynamic Data Source in Power BI

Dynamic Data Source in Power BI Power BI is a very powerful tool, and we can do wonders with it, but when it comes to changing the source, most of us are afraid of it. This is because by doing so, we may need to make many changes related to a data model, DAX, visualizations, […]