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Nate Bauer

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Connecting Customer Data: Prioritize For a 360° View

It’s no secret that understanding exactly who your customers are, including how and when they interact with your brand, is the most critical aspect of your business. Being present during the crucial touchpoints of a customer experience is rapidly becoming table stakes to acquiring and engaging your target market. Having the necessary data at your […]

How (and How Not) to Retain Your B2B Customers

Your most valuable customers are the ones who keep coming back. How can you keep customers engaged enough to choose you again? How easily can your customers reorder or get practical information and education (guidelines) about products? Do you have dedicated client applications aimed at keeping them updated with useful information such as shipping status […]

How (and How Not) to Engage Your B2B Customers

The work is far from over once you have someone on your site. Now is the time to provide a seamless ordering experience that keeps them coming back. Can they configure products online? How easily can they get a quote? Is the content you’re serving up helping them when they need it while moving them […]

How (and How Not) to Acquire B2B Customers

This is where it all begins – the first interactions with your customer. B2B customer acquisition isn’t just about getting that first sale; it’s where you start building a relationship. That means a solid, consistent brand presence has to shine through. Consumers are doing more research prior to purchase, so your content has to be […]

5 Things Your Digital Marketing Strategy Should Do

If your company is like most, you’re probably spending a hefty sum each year trying to earn new business and engage your customers. You definitely understand how important it is to have systems in place, like budgets, calendars, and reporting tools, that will help you get the most bang for your marketing buck. Hopefully you […]

Getting Your Digital Marketing Strategy Off the Ground

A digital marketing strategy is not something that you build once and then execute. In fact, it’s important to view your strategy as something to develop while things are already in motion. You cannot shut down your website when developing a strategy because customers still need information, products/services, and support. You also can’t afford to […]

Marketing Efforts Falling Short of Your Goals? Why?

A great mission, smart leadership, a viable market, and great products or services – these are all essential pieces of the puzzle that must be in place to create a successful business. But there’s a key piece of the puzzle that you may be missing. To build your business, you also need a big-picture plan […]

Digital Marketing Strategy – The Power of Iterative Growth

Reaching your ideal client with just the right information at just the right time is a perpetual challenge. Even with solid business objectives, a great team, and maybe a fancy new implementation of Adobe Experience Manager, understanding who to target, when, and how is pretty much the triumvirate of marketing challenges. You likely have some […]