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2016 Connected Health Trends: The Clinician Experience

The end of Meaningful Use has impacted several trends that will grace us in Connected Health over the coming year. Among these trends we find an increased focus on the clinician experience. The CMS announcement by Slavitt was filled with sentiments such as: “…frustration levels are real. Done poorly, measures are divorced from how physicians […]

2016 Connected Health Trends: The Patient/Consumer Data Story

If you haven’t noticed by now, 2016 is a year when the patient data story will become increasingly complex. In this 2016 trends report we have already witnessed: Increased ownership of data by patients Increase in patient generated data by way of mobile device Challenges around the security of data in the growing world of […]

2016 Connected Health Trends:Patient-Centered Activity Monitoring

Our next trend in Connected Health of 2016 takes us into the much lauded world of mobile health. This year we are most concerned with using the mobile health innovations that have been created to measure patient activity, and the ability to measure activity is growing. At the heart of telehealth’s call for “healthcare everywhere”, […]

Healthcare Data & Device Security

2016 Connected Health Trends: High-Touch Digital Care

As one would assume would be the case, many of the Connected Health trends are about connecting to the patient when they are not in the care setting. All of them are, in fact. However, this trend finds us trying to instill a good bedside manner into digital care. Over the past year the terms […]

2016 Connected Health Trends: Internet of Things & Security

More and more often we are seeing Connected Health trends make friends with neighboring technology solutions. Such is the case, for example, with the digitized longitudinal care plan that relies upon both Business Intelligence and Interoperability to, in time, connect the patient to their care plan. However, just as some medications create side effects that […]

3-Part Pledge to Ease EHR Use & Interoperability

2016 Connected Health Trends: Patient Data Ownership

In our next 2016 Connected Health trend we find ourselves with the call from patient advocates around the land: increased ownership of data by the patient. The healthcare industry is the guardian of, in my opinion, the world’s most important data. With that being true, the patient data guardianship story is about to get even […]

2016 Connected Health Trends: Long Live Outcomes-Based Care

Here we have the next trend in the world of Connected Health for 2016. The end of Meaningful Use brought with it the beginning of other trends that will take its place (or perhaps, more accurately, its mind space and investment dollars). Such is the case with the checklist approach to patient engagement that we […]

2016 Connected Health Trends: Market-Driven Patient Engagement

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, it is for We the Connected Health Geeks of Perficient, anyway. It’s that time of year where we indulge our inner trend-spotters and set them loose upon the world of Connected Health. But…this year we are releasing the trends with a bit of a twist. As […]

How Dramatic Shifts in Healthcare Consumerism Impact Pharma Execs

If you haven’t had the chance to bounce over to our Life Sciences technology blog, then you definitely should. My colleague and friend Marin Richeson has been posting some incredibly insightful content that can drive much thought and a lot of conversation about what’s occurring within the part of the industry where creative technology solutions […]

Court Case That Could Impact Healthcare Social Media in a Big Way

Court Case That Could Impact Healthcare Social Media in a Big Way

There is some interesting litigation on the dockets that could potentially have some far reaching implications for healthcare social media and the future of healthcare public websites. There was a class action lawsuit filed against Facebook and various healthcare organizations including American Cancer Society, Adventist Health System, BJC HealthCare, and the Cleveland Clinic. The suit […]

My Induction into the Walking Gallery of Healthcare at #HIMSS16

I oftentimes refer to my career in Connected Health technology as my favorite hobby. This can be verified if we meet and you ask me to talk about how to use technology to engage patients outside of the care setting (go ahead, I dare you). You’ll learn that it’s pretty much a case of “wind […]

Northwestern Medicine

“Joe Public” May Not Care About Your Hospital, Jane Public does

Have you every picked up a copy of “Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital?” It’s written by healthcare marketer Chris Bevolo along with his follow up “Joe Public II: Embracing the New Paradigm”. I’m a big fan of his work. First, Joe Public was written in 2011 when you would have been hard pressed […]

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