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“Joe Public” May Not Care About Your Hospital, Jane Public does

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woman-at-doctor-apptHave you every picked up a copy of “Joe Public Doesn’t Care About Your Hospital?” It’s written by healthcare marketer Chris Bevolo along with his follow up “Joe Public II: Embracing the New Paradigm”.

I’m a big fan of his work. First, Joe Public was written in 2011 when you would have been hard pressed to find health systems using consumer centric outreach mediums. Instead, many were holding on to more traditional public relations communications mechanisms. Many still are, and there is a fundamental disconnect when such traditional mediums are used. The disconnect lies in the old standard of care where doctor played roles of “demi god” that bestowed healthcare advice upon the patient. With that type of relationship, traditional PR can work because the patient is then looking up at the health system for sage pieces of wisdom and advice.

However, the dynamics between patient and care team have changed, and that very much changes how a health system must outreach to these patients. Patient is now more likely to want to feel like they are a part of the care team because, truly, who else is more responsible for their care than them and their loved ones? As such, marketing mediums that rely upon a David versus Goliath mentality just do not work.

Want to know what does?

The mediums that work in the new healthcare environment are the mediums that respect the patient’s role as a part of the care team. These are mediums that allow you to speak with an authentic and humble voice. These are mediums like social media where communities of people come together to digest information together. These are mediums like mobile where you can form relationships that matter right in the living room of 91% of the US adult population.

And this brings us to the title of this piece. Why to market to women. Controlling 80% of U.S. spending, women represent the largest market opportunity in the world, and a women’s power of influence extends well beyond the traditional roles of family and education on to government, business, the environment, and, yes, healthcare. As such, I have witnessed healthcare marketing team after healthcare marketing team designate large portions of their strategy and budget towards how to win Mom. So, while Joe Public might not care about your healthcare system, Jane Public certainly does. Even more, she is still looking for a trusted, humble, and authentic voice to partner with her as she cares for her health, the health of her family, and the health of her community.

Care to learn more? It just so happens that I will be speaking alongside Chris next week at “Don’t Just Do Healthcare Marketing. Go Digital” in the Chicago area. If you are in the area, please feel free to register.


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