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Mohammed S. Ahmed

Mohammed is an experienced AEM Architect having led multiple successful project implementations on Adobe Experience Cloud. He is recognized as an Adobe Subject Matter Expert for their contribution to the design, development, and review of the Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Experience Manager Developer and Lead Developer exam

Blogs from this Author

1600x600 Meeting

Changes in Adobe Certification Exams

Recently, Adobe made changes to all certification exams and placed expiration time limits on all certificates. This change is to ensure that Adobe Certified Expert Certification (ACE) status is relevant, valuable, exclusive, and covers the most recent versions of software used in the field.  All Adobe certifications will expire 2 years after their original test […]

Non-AEM relative links in RTE and Path Browser in Touch UI

In AEM 6.0, 6.1 & 6.2 the Touch UI RTE link plugin and path browser adds a content keyword automatically. This begins as soon as the author starts typing/. It can be difficult for authors to enter non-AEM relative links in the content, and some environments require both AEMand non-AEM links in the same domain. A […]

Is the AEM Architect Exam Difficult?

Recently, I had the opportunity to take the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) architect exam, and I didn’t have high hopes that I would pass. However, I still tried my luck, passed, and walked away with a few insights to share. In addition to the resources that I found, the years of experience and practice are ultimately what helped […]

Features That Will Make You Love AEM 6.3 Workflows

In earlier releases of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), there’s no way of knowing whether the editing page is in the workflow process. Authors need to go into workflow inbox to look and see if they have any pages/items assigned as part of the workflow. With the release of AEM 6.3, Adobe has increased productivity with […]

Dynamic Tag Management: Project Reactor Coming Soon

Project Reactor is a tag management solution that empowers any developer to build, maintain, and update their own integrations into the Adobe platform. This capability gives marketers an app-store-like experience to quickly deploy web technologies, and integrate data to power compelling consumer experiences. At present, Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) is a top enterprise-level activation solution. It […]

The Ultimate Retail Experience: Fluid Experiences in AEM

Imagine if retailers want to create tailored content — with images, summaries, descriptions, sizes, pricing, and technical specifications. Creating such content takes time, and further breaking it into segments for any device may require more manual processes for each channel. With fluid experiences, it will be much easier to create this kind of customized content […]