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Is the AEM Architect Exam Difficult?

Recently, I had the opportunity to take the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) architect exam, and I didn’t have high hopes that I would pass. However, I still tried my luck, passed, and walked away with a few insights to share.
In addition to the resources that I found, the years of experience and practice are ultimately what helped me pass the exam. Adobe recently reduced the minimum passing score from 71% to 58% in an effort to improve pass rates, which improves your chance of passing. The exam covers broad topics on how to design solutions for a given scenario, and you will be expected to present a solution and explain what you would do as an architect.
These are a few of the resources I found to be beneficial when preparing for the exam:

  1. Adobe Forums: This is a global community geared towards sharing knowledge and helping community members resolve their business problems. I would suggest using the forums to help you prepare for various scenarios by contributing possible solutions.
  2. AEM Tech Slack group: This is a Slack group where users can get instant help on AEM. Creating an internal Slack group for your company may help your team collaborate and discuss issues related to AEM, and find solutions.
  3. Prep Up for AEM 6 Architect Exam: This post has a high-level overview of topics that will be covered in the exam with references to other resources and videos for detailed insights.
  4. Solution Partner Portal: If your company has access to the Adobe Solution Partner portal,  you can view the training and enablement program specific to an Adobe specialization. For AEM architects, there is a self-paced learning course titled “AEM: Foundations for Architect,” which will be helpful in preparing for the exam.
  5. Adobe Help documentation: Adobe provides excellent documents on product usage with links to other resources, how-tos, and videos. They cover detailed insights on any specific topic that users need help on.
  6. Perficient Adobe Blog: Our Adobe practice experts help clients and users understand opportunities, challenges, trends and the platform technology needed to deliver end-to-end solutions.

My conclusion is that the exam was less difficult than expected. However, I would still suggest thoroughly preparing and using the resources available to you.
Have you already taken the AEM Architect Exam? Tell us what resources you found helpful!
DISCLAIMER:  This post consists of materials and knowledge I collected from various websites internally and externally. This post reflects my own personal experience for passing the exam. These are not the only resources available to pass the exam, as there are tons of other materials available online. Topics covered in this post are not a guarantee of passing the exam. It is one’s own ability, skills, and analysis to the given questions and ability to solve in a timely manner. Questions in the exam are long so it may take some time to read, analyze and select the best answer. Sometimes you might have to read multiple times to understand and eliminate incorrect answers for a particular scenario.

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Mohammed S. Ahmed

Mohammed is an experienced AEM Architect having led multiple successful project implementations on Adobe Experience Cloud. He is recognized as an Adobe Subject Matter Expert for their contribution to the design, development, and review of the Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Experience Manager Developer and Lead Developer exam

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