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Dynamic Tag Management: Project Reactor Coming Soon

Project Reactor is a tag management solution that empowers any developer to build, maintain, and update their own integrations into the Adobe platform. This capability gives marketers an app-store-like experience to quickly deploy web technologies, and integrate data to power compelling consumer experiences.
At present, Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) is a top enterprise-level activation solution. It was built to allow marketers to quickly manage tags and distribute data, simplifying tag management. DTM is managed through template tag manager, which has slow integrations due to limited number of developers. Project Reactor is a refactoring of DTM from the ground up – and way beyond. It is DTM version 2.x, and it accelerates integrations with unlimited developers working on the platform. Project Reactor will be released as an ecosystem and its name may change upon release.
Sounds exciting, right? While Project Reactor is an alpha version, the actual date of release will be announced next month. One more reason we can’t wait for Adobe Summit, March 19 to 23, 2017.
We’ll post more about Project Reactor as information becomes available. You can stay updated on the latest news from Adobe and insights from our Adobe practice by signing up for the Weekly Digest below.

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Mohammed S. Ahmed

Mohammed is an experienced AEM Architect having led multiple successful project implementations on Adobe Experience Cloud. He is recognized as an Adobe Subject Matter Expert for their contribution to the design, development, and review of the Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Experience Manager Developer and Lead Developer exam

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