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Enable Your Workforce to Deliver Smarter, Faster Service

Customer service is no longer just about providing an answer to a customer problem. It is now about enabling customers to obtain answers on their own, communicating suggestions and requests, and feeling like they have personalized service from their CS agent. Employees within organizations have the same expectations and organizations are transforming their service delivery […]

6 Tips to Make Zendesk to Service Cloud Migrations Easier

Migrating from one technology to another always has its unique challenges, and migrating from Zendesk to Service Cloud is no exception. However, we’ve done a migration or two (more like 10 or more) and consistently get the same migration questions from clients. In case you missed it, we’ve already covered ten reasons why we see customers […]

10 Reasons Why Companies Move from Zendesk to Service Cloud

Having worked on a number of Zendesk to Salesforce Service Cloud migrations to date, we see a core set of common themes around why customers choose to migrate to Salesforce.  As such, we wanted to share the typical profiles or personas and trends for companies (from an organization and system perspective) moving off of Zendesk […]

Understanding the Benefits: Moving from Zendesk to Service Cloud

“Everything changes, nothing remains without change.” – Buddha Implementing Salesforce Service Cloud will set the foundation to potentially have all your sales and service teams on one standard, reliable platform.  The benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud on its own are numerous and have been discussed at length in various other blogs or white papers.  Let’s […]

New Salesforce Service Cloud Features Announced at #DF16

I attended the Service Cloud keynote today at Dreamforce 2016, and exciting new features were announced. Service Cloud now incorporates new technology such as Einstein and Salesforce messaging and existing clouds such as Analytics and Lightning. One exciting demo showcased how an agent is able to communicate in multiple channels; they will also soon be able […]