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Community’s Ambitious Summer ’17 Release Highlights

On my way to New York for a launch event for a 6,800 person employee community that we just rolled out, I opened up the release notes for the Summer ’17 release to check out what’s coming for Communities in the next release. I was looking for a specific feature that Salesforce product management had […]

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Make Your Community More Intelligent in Summer ’17

The Salesforce Summer ’17 release has a lot of features for Community Cloud that are centered around having a more targeted, intelligent experience for your community members. As part of this, Salesforce is tracking more interactions than ever and giving you (and Einstein) access to that data to take action on it. Here are a […]

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How to Design a Lightning Component for Communities

A Functional Perspective on Community Design Architecting reusable lightning components for a Lightning Community is very different from architecting a Visualforce page. A key value proposition of Lightning components is that they are reusable and can easily be added into Lightning Communities by system administrators. In order to realize that value, it is critical to architect […]

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5 Reasons You’ll Love Lightning Partner Communities

Yesterday Salesforce announced the launch of Lightning Partner Communities, delivering a best-in-class digital experience for companies looking to accelerate channel sales from their partner ecosystem. Empowering your partners, resellers, and channel teams with new collaborative tools has become imperative to driving growth for successful partner programs today. However, many companies still struggle with disconnected business systems, […]

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How to Evolve from Self-Service to an Engagement Hub – #DF16

Sam Jacobs, partner engagement manager, from our customer OpenX spoke about the self-service community that we helped them to roll out last October. They programmatically connect sellers of ad space and buyers of ad space in real-time. They are selective about who they let into their marketplace, they are ranked #1 in traffic quality, outranking […]

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Winter ’17 Makes Force.com Communities a Thing of the Past

I’m going to make a bold statement: Force.com Communities are a soon to be a thing of the past. With Winter ’17 bringing the final missing features to the Community Builder templates, it’s time to rethink the reasons why you said no to the Community Builder a few months back, and revisit templates. We’ve built […]

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Summer ’16 Brings Immense Value to Community Managers

It is clear that the Community Cloud product team has been busy the past few releases and the Summer ’16 release is no different. If we had to say that there was a clear winner in this release from a Community Cloud perspective, it would be community managers. Summer ’16 includes a number of robust […]

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Translate Your Community Builder Template

As a Salesforce consultant, I rarely expect my French major to come in handy. Today, I put it to good use as I went to test out translation features in the Community Builder, known in French apparently as the “Générateur de communauté”, from inside the Winter ’16 Napili template. Here is what I learned: You […]

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Deploy Community Builder Templates in 3 Simple Steps!

While you can create a Salesforce Community using the Community Builder directly in your production environment, I would not recommend it in the majority of cases. Fortunately, it is quite easy to deploy your templates into production by following these three simple steps: Step 1: Use Change Sets Use change sets to move all custom lightning […]

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Why Spring ’16 is Game Changing for Salesforce Communities

If you have not yet had a chance to read the Spring ’16 release notes that came out yesterday, go read them now and skip right down to the Communities section because the Spring ’16 features are truly game-changing for Salesforce Community Cloud. After reading through the release notes yesterday, I emailed one of our […]

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How to Quickly Optimize the Salesforce1 App for Your Sales Team

I am marrying a man who happens to dislike the Salesforce1 mobile app. Over the past few days, it has been a big subject of debate as he tried to figure out ways to work around using it on his iPad mini, such as using Opera as his mobile browser which does not support Salesforce1. Being […]

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Topics in the Community Builder Napili Template Demystified

Since the Salesforce Winter ’16 release notes came out in late August, we have seen customers eager to use the now extensible Napili template in the Salesforce Community Builder. Why? It offers companies a way to quickly setup an attractive, engagement-centric self-service community that is built on the modern Lightning framework and it is fully […]

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Success Story: Constant Contact & the Power of Partners #DF15

Constant Contact is an industry leader in small business marketing solutions (e.g. email, promotions, surveys, events, etc). Starting in 2013, Perficient helped Constant Contact migrate off of the Salesforce Partner Portal and migrate onto the Community Cloud platform. They spoke about that experience last year at Dreamforce; if you didn’t catch it then, watch it now.  Since that initial project, we have continued […]

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Big News From #DF15 Keynote: “A Customer Revolution”

The 2015 Dreamforce keynote started with a few songs by Stevie Wonder. When “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” came on, it became required to dance. Stevie, you’ve still got it. That is a great example of what Dreamforce does to people year over year; it gets you so excited that you cannot sit still in […]

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Salesforce Communities #DF15 Focus: Social, Mobile, Self-Service

Last year at Dreamforce, Salesforce announced their Community Builder, a new tool that empowers companies to quickly launch self-service communities using one of three templates: Napili, Koa, Kokua. At the time, the product was in Beta and lacked key extensibility features required by more enterprise customers. The product showed great promise, but few people adopted […]

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#DF15: Use employee communities to engage and retain top talent

Dreamforce 2015 is off to a great start. I just attended my first session of the week where I had the chance to hear Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and AstraZeneca talk about how their enterprise social networks are transforming how they work as companies and how they retain top talent. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt integrated Chatter on top of an […]

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Make an Impact with Your Self-Service Online Community

The Community Builder is the future of Salesforce Communities and Salesforce is heavily investing in making it extremely user-friendly, easy-to-implement and fully extensible. If you are considering putting in a pubic knowledge base or self-service community, I urge you to look strongly at the Community Builder templates as the tool to go with for those […]

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Making the Decision to Translate Your Partner Community

One of my favorite conversations to have with our Salesforce customers is around translating their partner community. Everyone wants to be able to support users in their native language to make it easier to do business with them, but not everyone has the infrastructure in their partner organization to support language localization. Here are three […]

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Enable Your Partners On-the-Go

As our world becomes more mobile, there is more and more of a push to make Partner Communities available on mobile devices. A recent Forrester study confirms that field sales teams at your channel partners increasingly manage their business from their smart phones and tablets, and partner portal adoption is low when companies do not […]

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3 Ways to Increase Adoption of Your Partner Community

Partner enablement is one of the key business drivers that prompts businesses to invest in Partner Communities. This is not surprising; to grow your channel successfully, you want to give your partners the best information and tools to enable them to represent and sell your brand. However, partner portal adoption is low and most people […]

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