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Summer ’16 Brings Immense Value to Community Managers

It is clear that the Community Cloud product team has been busy the past few releases and the Summer ’16 release is no different. If we had to say that there was a clear winner in this release from a Community Cloud perspective, it would be community managers. Summer ’16 includes a number of robust moderation features for community managers that we think represent a huge leap forward in functionality, all in one release. Here are our five favorites:

  • Improved Moderation Rules – Previously, moderation rules applied to all community members so you could not have different rules for internal users versus customers. Now, you can create a vast majority of different member criteria to define different audiences to target with different rules. For example, you can create groups based upon user type (internal, customer or partner) or based upon profiles. From there, you can even drill deeper to target based upon if that user just joined the community in the last X number of days or if it is their first post.

    Sample Member Criteria

    Sample Member Criteria

  • Pre-Moderation (BETA) – Do you want to approve posts before they are visible to the rest of the community? Now you can! For example, if someone mentions your competitor, you might want to flag their post for pre-moderation before making it visible to the rest of the community. To do this, determine which members this rule should apply to and which posts it should apply to. The next enhancement, Actionable Insights, makes it easy to approve all these posts en masse to make them visible.
  • Actionable Insights – Insights (renamed “Engagement“ in Summer ’16) allow community managers to review lists of community member’s activity to help them moderate the community. Examples of Insights, or Engagement, could be a list of new community members, questions asked in the last two days without an answer, ideas voted on this week, and so much more. Until now, in order to take action on an insight, you had to click to go to the record in the community. Now you can select to take an action on up to 100 records at a time, such as approving posts that have gone through pre-moderation to make them visible in the community, deleting posts (e.g. from a spammer), freezing or unfreezing users and so much more.
  • Freeze Problem Members – Today, if you have a community member with a behavioral problem, there is no way to temporarily remove their access to the community while you talk to them about their actions and judge if it is appropriate to reinstate them as a member. When Summer ’16 release goes live, you will be able freeze users in the click of a button from their user profile inside of the community, which will block them from logging in.
  • Protect Your Community from Spammers with Rate Limiting Rules – This may be the feature most likely to save community managers hours of cleanup work if you should be the unfortunate target of a spam attack. Essentially, if someone posts X number of times within X minutes, you can automatically freeze the user or notify the moderator for further investigation. Salesforce’s own documentation of this feature is so spot on, that if you want to know more, be sure to read the full release notes.

Which of these are you most excited about and why?

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