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Make Your Community More Intelligent in Summer ’17

The Salesforce Summer ’17 release has a lot of features for Community Cloud that are centered around having a more targeted, intelligent experience for your community members. As part of this, Salesforce is tracking more interactions than ever and giving you (and Einstein) access to that data to take action on it. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Community 360 is a new pilot-only feature that allows you to capture information about what articles a customer looked at before submitting a case and expose that to support agents, so they don’t make the mistake of sending a customer something that they already looked at and determined doesn’t solve their problem. This kind of insight is invaluable for shortening case duration and increasing customer satisfaction.
  2. Criteria-based Audiences allows you to offer different experiences to different users based upon criteria such as profile, IP address, and now in Summer ’17, by city and domain. Creating nuanced experiences for different types of community members based upon their role or location allows you to serve them more relevant information, improving their community experience.
  3. Filter by Unread Posts allows your community users to filter their Chatter feed in Groups to only see posts they haven’t yet seen. I see this as an extremely powerful feature for group moderators who need the ability to stay on top of what is happening in their group. This filters out the noise of posts they have already seen and enables them to quickly get caught up on conversations they have missed.
  4. Analytics are getting even better with the Service Community Scorecard. Access to viewing click-thru rates on related articles helps you improve your content creation strategy. The scorecard also helps you identify who is a champion versus a casual observer through participation reports.
  5. Short-staffed and don’t have time to look for spam? No worries. Einstein has your back! In this pilot feature, Einstein will automatically flag posts that it sees as spam. As a community moderator, you’ll get emails whenever a post is flagged. I think this kind automation is going to truly enable community managers to focus more on strategy and less on tactical tasks like moderation.

I’m personally really excited by the focus on capturing interactions and then making it easy to take advantage of this data in use case-specific, bite-sized pieces instead of simply opening up an API with every single community member’s activity logged there and having customers figure out what to do with that data.

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