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John White

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ACOs: A Puzzling Business Case…But is it Really?

The release by CMS of the draft ACO regulations last week came as no surprise. What was surprising was the number of articles and comments regarding the differing perspectives around ACOs and their purpose versus the business viability and sustainability of this health reform business model. The interesting challenge around ACOs is whether this is […]

ACOs Create World Class Outcomes with Patient Portals

Last week John Moore of Chilmark Research wrote an excellent piece called “Much Ado About Patient Portals”. This post is a very telling sign of what we are seeing in the healthcare marketplace. With the buzz around healthcare reform and the emergence of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) one can understand why the increase interest in […]

9 Key Drivers to Enterprise Health Information Exchange (Enterprise HIE)

Many view the implementation of Enterprise HIE as a technology-based initiative. However, the ultimate goal of the Enterprise HIE is to improve the quality of care for patients across a given area, reduce the costs of providing quality care, and enable clinicians in their care processes. In the Perficient white papers “A Business Driven Approach […]

HIMSS & Health Information Exchange

Another hot topic at this year’s HIMSS conference is Health Information Exchange. With the advent of healthcare reform and the passage of the American Recovery and Reimbursement Act (ARRA), healthcare systems and state and local government agencies are being confronted on how to exchange health information to those who can impact the delivery of care […]

Portal Message at HIMSS: From Technology Upgrade to a Business Driven Imperative

It is not too surprising that the old adage of “What comes around, goes around” maybe very appropriate for this years HIMSS conference. All the innovation and regulatory focus over the last couple of years in the healthcare industry have certainly encouraged/required healthcare providers to better connect and be transparent with the patients they serve […]

HIMSS 2011 Trend Watch

Well, it is almost here, the 2011 HIMSS national conference in Orlando, Florida. With all of the changes we have seen in the healthcare industry over the last twelve to eighteen months, this years HIMSS conference promises to address many of the different attendees needs. Whether it is the need to adopt or upgrade your […]

Harness Clinical and Financial Data with Enterprise Health Information Exchange

Enterprise Health Information Exchange (EHIE) is a key way to empower physicians and patients to demonstrate meaningful use of electronic health records (EHRs). In this presentation, I discuss the business case for EHIE and discuss some of the organizations and products currently leading the market. Let me know what you think! (You can also watch […]

Physician Loyalty/Alignment Program

As more and more healthcare systems realize the importance of physician loyalty and alignment, it is important to develop a plan and roadmap to help retain and attract high value physicians to your healthcare system. The use of innovative solutions along with outreach programs are just a few of the approaches healthcare systems are using […]

Consumerism in Healthcare

The advent of consumerism in healthcare is making dramatic changes to how heathcare systems are aligning to patients and physicians. Healthcare systems need to change the way they interact and enable these two groups so that they are in a better competitive position. Perficient has created the Patient/Physician Experience Maturity Model (PEMM) to enable health […]