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HIMSS 2011 Trend Watch

Well, it is almost here, the 2011 HIMSS national conference in Orlando, Florida. With all of the changes we have seen in the healthcare industry over the last twelve to eighteen months, this years HIMSS conference promises to address many of the different attendees needs. Whether it is the need to adopt or upgrade your Acute or Ambulatory Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution, the need to address “Meaningful Use”, the adoption of Accountable Care Organization (ACO) concepts and/or the need to create and more effectively leverage your clinical analytic capability, the HIMSS conference is the place to be next week.

Participants should leverage the HIMSS event to attend many of their peer organization presentations to learn what, how and lessons learned from their experiences. In addition, take the time to go down onto the Exhibitor floor and listen and observe what is being highlighted by the vendors as well as what your peers are saying and asking on the exhibit floor. The most important thing is to take this information and start to formulate how your healthcare organization can start to address these major issues.

We also know that stimulus dollars are only one incentive to change; the other is survival in the growing and highly competitive healthcare environment. Attendees should also take the time to learn from their peers not only the WHY but more importantly WHY NOT so that your healthcare system can understand what would work best for your organization. As they say, healthcare is a national industry but is delivered locally. Understand what your local patients and physicians value and make those needs important parts of any strategy or solution option you consider.

Most importantly, enjoy the educational and collaborative nature of this event and network with your colleagues and solution providers so you can see the potential that can be achieved. Take advantage of having everyone in one area to enable your healthcare system to be among a few world-class organizations.

We would love to meet you and discuss how Perficient’s healthcare practice and solutions can assist your organization. Iou are interested in learning more about how to become a more viable and world-class healthcare system, please visit us at our HIMSS Booth #3681.

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