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John Seitz

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Ux Designers

So, You’re the UX Guy? Great! What Exactly Do You Do?

Hello, I am a UX designer. I am known by other names such as “the designer,” “the UI guy,” “the creative,” “the web designer,” and many more. Some of these other names are in the ballpark and some are flat out wrong. It’s confusing even to us in the industry. The names have evolved as […]

Computer And Tools

Help Your Customers Help Themselves – A Self-Service Toolbox

Ahhhhh, the soothing sounds of Muzak in my ear as I wait on yet another level of ‘automated’ phone service. All the while I’m wondering, did I choose the right selection? The lady at the beginning said I was supposed to listen closely because the selections might have changed. What if I wind up with […]

Winning the Hearts of your Customers: Using AI to Improve CX

The other day I was perusing the Insights section of the Perficient website, and I came across a guide that sparked my interest called Five Digital Marketing Trends That Will Impact Your Business in 2018. In it, the authors discuss how personalization will “shape the complexity and magnitude of content development.” This was particularly interesting to me. I […]