Jonathan Crockett

Jonathan Crockett is an experienced mobile technology leader that understands how technology makes the business better. He is a Director of the Mobile and Modern Web Solutions group for Perficient.

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The Need for Speed: A Product Approach for Mobile Apps

A global pandemic requires a quick response and accelerates digital transformation. The brands that can operate with speed and agility win in this environment. As consumers rely on their mobile devices now more than ever, mobile device and mobile app usage are surging.  eMarketer predicted US adults spent over three and a half hours per day on mobile apps this […]

Team Meeting

3 Tips for Effective Communication & Project Success

Communication is an exchange of information. Easy to define. Difficult to master. Problems caused by insufficient communication can be underestimated and hard to identify. Most of us “think” we communicate effectively and enough, but while too much communication can become overwhelming, it is rarely a problem for most teams. “The single biggest problem in communication […]

Oversubscribed: The Subscription Economy Is Not What You Think

There is no denying the success of the subscription economy. It seems to be a win-win for the customer and the business. The world is transitioning from products to services, and this is something companies cannot ignore. However, before your company considers making the switch, I think it is important to pull back the layers […]