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Jeevanantham Balakrishnan

Jeevanantham Balakrishnan works at Perficient as Technical Consultant. He has a firm understanding of technologies like Databricks, Spark, AWS, and DevOps. He is keen to learn new technologies.

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Types of Databases and use cases

SQL Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle): Use Case: Perfect for storing and managing structured data with well-defined relationships, like: E-commerce applications: Customers, orders, products, and their attributes (names, prices, descriptions) with clear connections. Enterprise resource planning (ERP): Inventory, employees, departments, and their interactions. Document Databases (MongoDB, Couchbase): Use Case: Ideal for storing flexible, ever-changing data that doesn’t fit […]

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AWS Glue Complete View

AWS Glue is a serverless data integration service that simplifies the discovery, preparation, and movement of data for analytics, machine learning (ML), and application development. With Glue, you can: Centralize data discovery and metadata management: Create a unified Data Catalog to identify and understand your data across diverse sources. Build scalable ETL pipelines: Visually develop and schedule […]

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Hosting a Static Website using AWS

Services used – Amazon S3 AWS Cloud Front Route 53 Creating the bucket –  Login to AWS account in the AWS Management console – Sign in using the valid credentials if you already have an account, else you can create a free tier account by signing up. Once logged in to the account, you can […]

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AWS Managed Microsoft AD

AWS Managed Microsoft AD:     AWS Managed Microsoft AD is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) service that provides a managed version of Microsoft Active Directory in the cloud. It offers the familiar features and capabilities of Microsoft AD without the need for infrastructure deployment, management, and maintenance. Here are Some Key Features of AWS […]

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Enable/Disable Termination Protection in EC2 For 100 Instances

Manually enable/disable for 100 Instances is a difficult task. To overcome this task we have some automated processes. It’s possible to automate the process in one short using Python SDK. List of Ec2 instances: Python Code: import boto3 def disable_termination_protection(instance_id): ec2 = boto3.client(‘ec2’) response = ec2.modify_instance_attribute( InstanceId=instance_id, DisableApiTermination={ ‘Value’: False } ) print(f”Termination protection disabled […]


Install Docker on an Amazon EC2 Instance Using the Yum Package Manager

To install Docker on an Amazon EC2 instance using the yum package manager, you can follow the steps below:   Connect to your EC2 instance using SSH. Update the package index and upgrade installed packages by running the following command: sudo yum update -y Install Docker’s dependencies by executing the following command: sudo yum install […]

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Introduction to Terraform (EC2 Creation using Terraform)

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Benefits of IaC include: Why Terraform? Key Concepts and Components of Terraform  Setting Up Terraform and Creating Your First Configuration Conclusion Key Concepts and Components of Terraform Terraform has several key concepts and components that you should be familiar with: Providers: Providers are responsible for managing the lifecycle […]

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Deployment of Spring Boot App on Amazon EKS Using GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, Docker, and Ansible

Deployment of Spring Boot App This is a common use case scenario that is used by several organizations. I hope this detailed blog is helpful to understand the CI/CD process. Let’s get started and dig deeper into each of these steps. Step 1 — Create an Ubuntu T3 Large Instance Select an existing key pair or […]

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Simplifying Data Management with Amazon S3 Lifecycle Configuration

Introduction: In the world of cloud storage, effective data management is crucial to optimize costs and ensure efficient storage utilization. Amazon S3, a popular and highly scalable object storage service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), offers a powerful feature called Lifecycle Configuration. With S3 Lifecycle Configuration, you can automate the process of moving objects […]

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Install Docker on a Linux system using the yum package manager

To install Docker on a Linux system using the yum package manager In Linux we have various packages manager for our use case use yum or dnf package manager (since amazon ec2 Linux recommend using the yum package manager for easy installation) we can follow these steps to install docker on Linux.  Update the package […]

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List of Standard Ports used for AWS and RDS

Here’s a list of standard ports you should see at least once. You shouldn’t remember them, but you should be able to differentiate between an Important (HTTPS – port 443) and a database port (PostgreSQL – port 5432) Important ports: FTP: 21 SSH: 22 SFTP: 22 (same as SSH) HTTP: 80 HTTPS: 443 vs RDS […]

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AWS — Site-to-Site VPN Connections Overview

Agenda Autonomous System and BGP what is  Site-to-Site VPN Flow Diagram and Architecture Site-to-Site VPN features Site-to-Site VPN limitations Customer gateway and Virtual Gateway Limitation Alternate VPN Demo What is Autonomous System: The Internet is a network of networks, and autonomous systems are the big networks that make up the Internet. More specifically, an autonomous […]

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