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Oracle’s Fusion CRM – The Key to Sales Success

Join with Oracle as this strategically important business solution technology company strongly moves into the future with their unique business application they call Fusion. Compare Fusion with anything that the competition is bringing to the market and you’ll discover that there is no comparison. Oracle, as the leading global software technology provider, once again is […]

When? Now? Yes! RightNow! You’ll Find it in the Cloud………

“We need a way to take care of our customers all the time,” Howard Wagner said. He was looking at Willy Loman while talking, looking for answers regarding how to grow the business, which was struggling at the moment. It seemed that Willy had all the answers and his team was producing some impressive numbers lately. […]

Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance – From the Bottom Up

As Widget’s Vice President responsible for business development, Mr. Loman has been collaborating with his finance counterparts to help the Widget Inc. Chief Financial Officer understand, from the strategic perspective, how achieving his sales targets, at various levels of success, will support the company’s strategic plans. “Loman,” the CFO said, “I need a plan from […]

Oracle Hyperion Planning – The Key to Success

Widget Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer, along with the company’s controller, and other members of the financial staff were presented with a dilemma. It took the financial team too long to provide Widget’s president with the company’s operating results when he wanted the results. In short, they were budgeting, planning and forecasting report challenged! The president needed the reports in a timely fashion to […]

Enterprise Performance Management – Oracle Style

Mr. Loman was achieving tremendous success with the Oracle CXM products he had selected to drive his sales efforts, products which included Oracle Knowledge, RightNow, FatWire and ATG, all underpinned by Siebel CRM. Willy wanted to understand the impact his efforts were having upon his employer, Widget, Inc. While perusing his favorite sales trade journal […]

Selling – RightNow CX Cloud Service Style

Willy Loman was in a quandary. He had made the decision to utilize Customer Experience (CX) technology to help him achieve his sales goals. But the business was not developing the way that he thought it would, and the revenue that he needed to produce was not growing as fast as he thought it might. […]

Selling CX Style – Part 3

While reading Selling CX Style – Parts 1 and 2 of this blog, you’ll recall that Willy Loman was working hard to find a better way to sell and help his clients maintain the products that he sold them, and he was definitely leaning towards Perficient to help him with that task! Here at Perficient, led […]

Selling CX Style – Part 2

Don’t forget, the term Customer eXperience, is the set of perceptions a customer has with a company throughout all buying and owning interactions. What Oracle products comprise its CX product set? Good question! They are: Siebel, ATG, RightNow, FatWire, Endeca, Inquira, Vitrue, Involver and Collective Intellect. All of these products are implemented by Perficient. The […]

Selling CX Style – Part I

“Nothing happens until something gets sold!” That was the euphemistic statement which was liberally applied during my initial rounds in sales training. It was that group of words which the instructors used to encourage the business development trainees to hang-in-there and drive our way through the sales training process. After all, let’s face it; there […]