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Oracle’s Fusion CRM – The Key to Sales Success

Join with Oracle as this strategically important business solution technology company strongly moves into the future with their unique business application they call Fusion. Compare Fusion with anything that the competition is bringing to the market and you’ll discover that there is no comparison. Oracle, as the leading global software technology provider, once again is making complex technology simple, affordable, effective, flexible and easy to use!

As an example, observe how Oracle, via it’s Fusion CRM solution, addresses the “Sales Executive’s dilemma and responsibility to increase revenue while managing costs, which is a constant challenge for sales managers. Hiring more salespeople is often not an option. Neither is increasing quota, when studies show that a record number of sales reps did not recently meet quota, a recurring headache for all involved. Over the years, traditional CRM software has focused on sales automation and transaction processing. However, little progress has been made in improving the performance of the entire sales organization. Priority should be placed on leveraging integrated technology to drive sales planning and close the performance-to-plan gap. To optimize sales performance and successfully compete in today’s environment, sales executives should focus on three key areas: sales planning, sales prospecting, and sales rep productivity. Oracle Fusion CRM delivers in all three areas to help sales reps produce better results and help sales executives attain revenue goals” (Oracle).

“Sales executives are driven to maximize revenue potential with better sales planning, and that is lock for which sales execs must find the key. And, Oracle has provided that key! It’s called Oracle Fusion CRM, the key to sales success! Precious time is often wasted while sales strategy from the top trickles down to the field in the form of territory assignments, quotas, and compensation plans. For large enterprises, the sales planning process can be incredibly complex, with countless hours spent on hundreds of spreadsheets that need to be reconciled across multiple groups. The process is error prone and difficult to adjust to accommodate ongoing changes in resource staffing and new product introductions. In the meantime, sales reps are left in a state of limbo in which they don’t know what accounts to pursue, what products to sell, or how they will be compensated. Frequently, opportunities are unevenly distributed across territories, leaving some sales reps to frantically chase after leads while others are burdened with more opportunities than they can handle. The end result? Lost opportunity and lost revenue!” (Oracle).

“Oracle Fusion CRM’s sales planning solution addresses this revenue leakage with an integrated territory management, quota management, and incentive compensation solution to quickly and easily design, execute, and modify sales plans and monitor performance to plan” (Oracle).

When the decision is made by sales management to embrace and utilize Oracle Fusion CRM, Perficient, an Oracle Platinum business partner, is well suited to plan, implement and flex the strength that is Fusion to meet the client need.


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