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Want to be an IT Project Manager? You’ll Need These Skills

In the last twenty years IT has gone from a department in the basement to an operations-critical unit with great visibility in the organization. While the need for technical professionals is growing rapidly each year, molding technical professionals into elite project managers is a challenge facing many organizations. Successful IT project managers are now challenged with new […]

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Perficient Hackers Softball Team Continues Undefeated Season

The Perficient Hackers are returning to the softball field this fall after a two-year absence. Team member TL Stephanchick recently took some time from his busy schedule to sit down to talk about Hackers softball tradition. Q: It’s been a few years since the team has taken the field. What do you think is going to be […]

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What Skills Should Developers Invest In?

Technical professionals are constantly refining their development skills to for both their own personal and professional advancement, and also to produce the best possible product for the end user. But how does a developer decide where to invest time and money in developing their skills? David Tucker, VP of Technology at Universal Mind, recently compiled a list of the 10 areas he feels […]

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Tech Conference Experience

Perficient employees regularly participate in industry events and conferences as speakers, vendors or attendees. Here are five ways they have shared to help maximize the experience: 1) Connect with other attendees before the event – One of the best parts of a conference is getting to network with peers and making new connections. Follow the event hashtag on Twitter and plan […]

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Four Ways to Burn Extra Calories During the Work Day

Blog contribution by Katie Charles Healthy employees make for happier employees and working a little bit of exercise into a work day can make an immense difference in how you feel. Exercise is known to release endorphins, decrease stress, and improve self-esteem, but it’s not always feasible for those who travel for work. For those professionals, it can […]

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How Organizations Help Their Technical Talent Grow

One of the benefits of being a technical professional is that organizations often invest heavily in training their staff to gain new skills and move into leadership roles. A recent McKinsey & Company article summarizes best practices for developing talent within large organizations. They found that organizations with the most success in terms of projects being completed on time […]

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Three Tips for Making a Good Impression at a Campus Career Fair

I’ve been involved with campus recruiting for more than seven years and always get excited when the Fall career fair season arrives. I know that students can feel overwhelmed by all the information packets they receive and blog posts they read with tips for attending a career fair. It’s sometimes hard to determine just how to truly […]

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Perficient is Going Back to School!

Want to start your career with an industry-leading IT consulting company? Perficient is on the road and looking for the best and brightest talent out there. We’ll be participating in many college career fairs and also hosting informational Q&A Google Hangouts with our consultants. We know that one of the best ways for us to find […]

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A Career Lesson from First Grade Soccer

Contributed by Eric Osterman This week, students across the country return to school and start taking part in their fall activities. Many kids enjoy football, marching band, cheerleading or other activities, but the big event at my house is the start of 1st grade girls’ soccer. Or perhaps it could better be described as “a loose interpretation of […]

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How Finding Your First Job is Lot Like Dating

Contribution by Bill Mitchell Looking for your first job out of college can be daunting, to say the least. But here’s an interesting way to look at it: Searching for an entry-level position is similar to the world of dating. Allow me to give you some examples: Think of a career fair as analogous to […]

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Do Technical Certifications Make a Difference?

Technical certifications have become popular over the last 10-15 years as a means for IT professionals to validate their expertise. In certain instances, technical certifications may even serve as an alternative to a traditional four-year degree. The cost of certification can vary by industry but a typical price range for training courses and exam fees ranges from a couple […]

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How to Eat Healthy While Traveling for Work

Many Americans who were raised on fast food and TV dinners are reconsidering their food choices. Trading the Big Mac for the organic snack isn’t easy and many professionals find that eating while traveling can lead to poor dietary decisions. Here are some tips for how to eat healthy while traveling for work: Bring Snacks from […]

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How to Train for a Race While Traveling

Many traveling consultants struggle with trying to balance their fitness goals with work schedules. Achieving physical fitness goals can sometimes be just as important as earning a professional certification or promotion. Many consultants train for a 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon while they are on the road. Here are a few tips to stay on […]

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Should You Return to a Former Employer?

Last week the sports world was set on fire with the announcement that basketball star Lebron James was returning from a 4-year stint with the Miami Heat to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers. That announcement has spawned a plethora of blog posts about “boomerang employees” and the benefits of employees and their former employers reuniting. While most […]

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What’s the Difference Between Senior & Lead Developers?

Contributed by Christy Divenere, Talent Acquisition Manager for Oracle and Industry Verticals at Perficient One of the questions I receive on a frequent basis is, “What are the primary differences between senior technical consultants and lead consultants?” While both roles require similar levels of technical aptitude, the soft skills and leadership ability requirements set them apart. Many […]

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5 Fatal Tech Resume Flaws

The resume is usually the first impression that a company has of a candidate and if the resume is poorly written it’s probably the final impression as well. Before hitting the “submit” button on your resume, make sure you’ve fixed these flaws. Flaw – Using Multiple Fonts. There are few things that look stranger than using […]

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Consulting Happiness

On July 4th the United States celebrates Independence Day. Many of the readers of this blog enjoy the freedoms the United States offers but they don’t have that same feeling of freedom in their career. How can you achieve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in your consulting career? Here are some recommendations. Exercise […]

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Perficient Named a Top Workplace in St. Louis

We are excited to announced that for the second consecutive year Perficient has been named a top workplace by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch! Perficient has received similar honors in Minneapolis and Denver markets. In a press release issued about the award, Perficient CEO and president Jeff Davis said: “Perficient maintains an entrepreneurial mindset that attracts the best […]

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How to Be a Valuable Team Member

The transient nature of the modern workforce leads to individuals working with a vast number of peers and teams throughout the course of their career. Being able to build relationships quickly and earn the respect of your peers is essential for those who want to move into a leadership role. Here are some practical tips for how […]

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5 Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Kids While Traveling

One of the challenges that IT consultants face is managing the travel requirements of their position and the desire to be at home with their kids. While many families struggle with their children being constantly “plugged in,” social media and other technology outlets can bring families together when a parent is traveling. Here are five tips for staying […]

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