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5 Ways to Maximize Your Tech Conference Experience

5 Ways to Maximize Your Tech Conference Experience
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Perficient employees regularly participate in industry events and conferences as speakers, vendors or attendees. Here are five ways they have shared to help maximize the experience:
5 Ways to Maximize Your Tech Conference Experience1) Connect with other attendees before the event – One of the best parts of a conference is getting to network with peers and making new connections. Follow the event hashtag on Twitter and plan on meeting up.
2) Know which sessions you’re attending – Many times there’s only a 10-15 minute break between sessions and larger event venues can be difficult to navigate. Deciding what sessions you’re attending before the event starts creates a plan for the day, giving you the opportunity to connect with the speakers and peers
3) Bring a portable charger – Avoid the painful feeling of watching your phone make the transition from electronic device to paper weight. Investing in a portable charger will keep you connected and avoid being labeled “that guy” who is always looking to borrow someone else’s charger.
4) Bring the shoulder strap laptop bag – Odds are you will leave with gifts from vendors, business cards, and many pieces of collateral. While it might be tempting to just bring an iPad or laptop bag with handles, the shoulder strap bag will provide flexibility.
5) Consolidate notes immediately – Evernote is a great tool to record notes, but pages of information that aren’t compiled into a digestible format result in minimal takeaways. While you’re waiting for the next session to start, take a few minutes and reformat the notes you took from the previous session.
Are there any other tips that you think we should include in our list?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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