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How Finding Your First Job is Lot Like Dating

Bill Mitchell

Contribution by Bill Mitchell
Looking for your first job out of college can be daunting, to say the least. But here’s an interesting way to look at it: Searching for an entry-level position is similar to the world of dating. Allow me to give you some examples:

  1. Bill MitchellThink of a career fair as analogous to the weekend social scene. It’s the meeting ground where students use elevator pitches instead of suave one-liners to impress recruiters.
  2. Interview conversations can feel like “date talk”, with both parties playing up their best features and hinting as to long-term compatibility.
  3. After a few “dates”, both sides participate in the “DTR” (Define the Relationship) conversation to see if there’s mutual interest in taking the relationship to the next step.

The primary takeaway from these fun examples is that your perception of the company (or your date) is just as important as their perception of you.
Corporate culture sometimes demands rapid hires from a sea of applicants. Companies that refine their hiring process and take an individualistic approach are those that excel. The heart of every company is its people, and we believe that’s the secret to Perficient’s success. Perficient’s approach to hiring draws some of the most competitive young professionals from around the world and produces a sense of higher purpose among our colleagues.
In upcoming blog posts, new Perficient team members will be sharing their experiences with the interview process, explaining why they chose Perficient to launch their careers, and talk about the mentorship and training they have received. Stay tuned!

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