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Four Ways to Burn Extra Calories During the Work Day

Blog contribution by Katie Charles
Healthy employees make for happier employees and working a little bit of exercise into a work day can make an immense Four Ways to Burn Extra Calories During the Workdaydifference in how you feel. Exercise is known to release endorphins, decrease stress, and improve self-esteem, but it’s not always feasible for those who travel for work. For those professionals, it can be more difficult to squeeze in the recommended amount of daily activity. But what if you could burn calories while you work? Here are a few quick, easy and fun ways to torch those calories while at work
Stand up every 30 minutes – Standing more often will not only make you feel less lethargic, but will burn additional calories. Walk a longer route around the office, and use stairs as much as possible.
Fill your water bottle halfway – By filling your water bottle halfway, you are forced to walk to the kitchen more often. Along these lines, move common items, such as your wastebasket, further away from your desk.
Walk while talking business – Many consultants are traveling constantly, why not take in new scenery with a brisk walk around the building while talking about upcoming projects.
Use an activity app – Using MyFitnessPal, or SparkPeople allows you to log your daily activity and nutrition. Apps give a simple, convenient and visual way to track your daily activity and keep you on track. FitBit also keeps track of sleep, active minutes, stairs climbed and calories burned during the day.
What are some ways you burn additional calories during the work week?  Feel free to add your suggestions in the comment section below.

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