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10-key pad showing wear

Bankers Get a Compliance Wake-up Call with Data Breach

While most of the mass media news about Target’s card data breach has focused on the direct effects on consumers, the forensics of the breach are starting to trickle out through specialists like Brian Krebs, and they’re really fascinating. At the highest level, it appears the attackers seem to have been able to enter the […]

Taking Payments under ‘Siege’

Paying the babysitter. Buying clothes at a retailer. Sending a family member money for a birthday. Innovation in doing these single transactions seems easy, right? An email, a text, a custom application, an NFC bump, or a personal card reader all work well and ‘feel’ like the future. As SME’s, we’re getting pretty good at making […]

Managing Compliance for a Frictionless Experience with Non-banks

We’re in for some interesting times ahead, as banks big and small start a delicate balancing act.  For banks, there are rewards and sparkling new opportunities beyond their own branches, apps, and channels to partner with other companies: additional customer engagement, value-add retail services, the possibility for increased customer retention and brand recognition.  Services such […]

Infusing Enterprise Architecture Into Your Bank’s Strategy

It’s not unheard of, that a CTO might have to grill some staff at audit-time, and that line of questioning to take some oddly specific turns. “Why is our hosting provider billing us for this server ORCL-001A? What’s it doing here? Weren’t all our backend systems moved to SQL Server? Weren’t all these virtualized?”  Whether […]

Perficient Perspectives: The Future of Bank Product Strategies

On the heels of the Bank Innovation conference we attended, the Financial Services team has published a new Perficient Perspectives, a series of informal Q&A sessions with our subject matter experts on hot technology topics and industry issues.  In our new Perspective, “The Future of Bank Product Strategies: How Creating a 360-degree View of the […]

Mobile Payment Apps Get Pull-through

While they’re not ubiquitous yet, payment apps are starting to be discussed in places not normally known for attention to payment issues, such as Andrew Sullivan’s Dish. The thread is primarily commiseration around a specific retail pain point, but the curated discussion highlights perspectives from both an end-user and someone that works in a place that […]

Beyond Compliance – IT Risk Self-assessments

In the financial services practice, compliance audits and vendor security evaluations are the norm for IT and operations. Our customers must meet standards to participate in the industry, to protect their assets, to protect their customers’ personally identifying information, and to meet their regulatory requirements as a business.  When IT organizations take part in completing […]