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Perficient Perspectives: The Future of Bank Product Strategies

On the heels of the Bank Innovation conference we attended, the Financial Services team has published a new Perficient Perspectives, a series of informal Q&A sessions with our subject matter experts on hot technology topics and industry issues.  In our new Perspective, “The Future of Bank Product Strategies: How Creating a 360-degree View of the Customer Leads to Better Growth,” I shared some of my thoughts on the role of the customer and the impact of technology in shaping new bank products and services in this digital era. Siegel Perspective

We all know that successful banks are building an innovation strategy by leveraging technology.   What’s interesting is that customers have become the driving force in shaping financial products and services in the financial services and banking industry.  In this Perspective I talked a lot about the customer experience and channel convergence – two very important drivers impacting how banks think about next-generation product strategies and plan for sustainable innovation.  As consumers rely more on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, we’re beginning to see how these touchpoints and customer interactions are shaping what the bank of tomorrow will look like.  Social networks like Twitter and Facebook are becoming even more relevant in banking for using social listening, measuring sentiment, and even leveraging these services as a platform for online banking and digital payments.

Strategy and Consulting - The Digital Essentials, Part 2
The Digital Essentials, Part 2

A compelling digital strategy finds a balance between maintaining what you already offer while providing new, disruptive ideas that will get you to next level, hold off competition, and entice new customers. We present five digital essentials to help you rise to the challenge.

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I also touched on technology challenges and how financial services companies can find the right balance with banking services and fintech trends.  As we hear more and more about agile analytics and Big Data to create a 360-degree view of the customer, banks are turning to the fintech community for guidance, to support their technology needs, and to implement these data management and analytics strategies as they evolve product and service strategies in an increasingly competitive financial services landscape.  In summary, there’s a lot for product and channel managers, innovation officers and financial services marketers to think about.  In conjunction with Perficient’s bank product strategy Perspective, I’d encourage you to download our recent Bank Transformation Guide covering these trends and IT issues more in-depth.



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