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David Price

For over 20 years Mr. Price has led teams doing needs analysis, design, development, implementations and presales in the IBM Collaboration space. Prior to consulting Mr. Price spent 12 years at an international bank deploying IBM messaging and collaboration solutions. As a customer Mr. Price led project teams of international resources for design and implementation projects. Mr. Price is an three time IBM Champion.

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Further steps in the IBM Box partnership – Boxworks 2015

Several months ago I wrote here that IBM and Box had partnered and what it could mean for customers. At almost every customer I visit, the discussion turns to cloud file sharing, even if it wasn’t on the agenda. At one hospital chain earlier in the year, the team was presenting our recommendations, and the topic came up. […]

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Algorithms with ethics?

Since the (seemingly) wondrous achievements of the Mechanical Turk in the 18th century, humans have been fascinated by robots. Today robots, either the physical or software, are becoming a part of all of our lives and this raises questions that we have not figured out how to answer. The week of OSCON, I saw a keynote and […]

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OSCON 2015 – InnerSource, benefits of open source thinking to your company

 Although OSCON wrapped up Friday, I have a few more thoughts and observations that I will share this week. Danese Cooper, Arnold Goldberg and Manish Jain from PayPal gave a Key Note where they discussed InnerSource. This wasn’t a term I was familiar but as I watched the keynote, I thought how the concept, better code and craftsmanship, was applicable to […]

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OSCON 2015 – GaaS (Government as a Service)

At OSCON the keynotes are interesting and influential speakers but not arranged around a specific yearly theme. In this post and a future one, I want to pull together this theme of using the concepts and principles of Open Source in new ways. Two speakers, from the US and UK governments, provided fascinating insights and the […]

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OSCON 2015 – Microservices or marching to monolithic hell

I spent a half day with a very engaging speaker, Chris Richardson in his session “Introduction to Microservices”. I found the tutorial very useful because I have seen the challenges he discussed at our clients. I was at one of our healthcare clients, managing a team focused on the automation of test data. Other Perficient teams were responsible […]

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OSCON 2015 – Docker

You can’t be in technology without hearing about Docker. Docker mania is so sweeping I bet the local diner is about to announce a partnership. That being said, a company with over $1 billion valuation and partnerships with IBM, Google, RedHat, Rackspace, Microsoft and VMware and a host of customers is one that deserves attention. It is […]

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OSCON 2015 Open Source Convention Kicks Off

Today the O’Reilly Open Source Convention, OSCON, kicks off in Portland, Oregon. Approximately 4,100 people are gathering this year to focus on open source solutions. If you are not here, you can still catch a number of the announcements and keynotes live using this link. I am here, along with some of my sales colleagues, because although Perficient […]

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IBM and Box announcement – unwrapping what it means

Last week IBM and Box announced a partnership that benefits a wide variety of customers. The IBM press release, found here, IBM and Box Press release detailed three areas that the companies will work together: IBM and Box will partner in three key areas: Transformation of Enterprise Work Content Management: Box will integrate IBM industry-leading enterprise content management including […]

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How Not to Lose a Job Before Starting

At Perficient, generally and specifically here on the digital transformation blog, we spend a lot of time discussing change: how companies want to change, how they need to change. How eCommerce and marketing are changing the relationship between consumers and company. We provide examples on what executives need to do to change their relationships with […]

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IBM and Facebook marketing alliance

On May 6th IBM Commerce and Facebook announced a partnership for tailored marketing messages. This announcement will allow IBM cloud marketing clients to use the Journey Designer and Journey Analytics with Facebook capabilities such as Custom Audiences. The goal is to deliver more useful and personalized experience, which is a benefit to companies and their […]

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