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Keynote Recap: Liferay Symposium NA 2015


This morning is the keynote for the Liferay Symposium. As you may have seen in the Gartner Magic quadrant, Liferay competes with very large software vendors in the horizontal portal market. The host of the event compared Liferay against the five closest competitors in the Gartner MQ. Those competitors have a market capitalization of over $700 billion, more is more than GDP of Sweden. By comparison, the host quipped:”I took two trains to get here from the airport yesterday.”

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The conference has over 600 attendees, and the agenda has a varied content without being overwhelming.

Bryan Cheung, Chief Executive Officer & Founder then took the stage to discuss the themes of the conference.

Today Liferay, Inc. announced Liferay 7 – which they refer to as their digital business platform.

Bryan discussed how companies need to move from Portal as a Silo Factory, although a great factory to modularity. Allow customers to access via web, mobile, kiosk, surfacing services, both on premises as well as cloud. Goal is to engage the customer where they are. Modularity is Bryan’s description of microservices, a topic I discussed from OSCON.
Other highlights include:
  • Plans to modernized their CMS to support a Modern Web Experiences. Significant investment and they plan to invest further. Implemented Alloy editor in Liferay 7. Many content can be authored from mobile.Release 6.2 has built in responsive design. Developed mobile SDK to prevent reuse for IT. Engineering team wanted to go further and make it easier for developers. Liferay 7 has screens, ready made interafaces already developed and wired into the Liferay Portal. Also included is push functionality, which allows messages to be sent from the portal to mobile users.
  • Omni-Channel marketing campaign for web and mobile. Manage marketing campaigns with targeted content across platforms.

Bryan summed up Liferay 7 as a Digital Platform to Meet Customers where they are.

More details as the symposium continues.


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