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Perficient at IBM Connect 2016

IBMConnect2016Living in Chicago means that winter isn’t a surprise; it may come later than expected (this year) or arrive with such fury that it shuts down the city (many years) but it arrives. Although it hasn’t been as consistent as winter, preparing for IBM Connect is something that has been occurring for several decades and has similar rhythm to winter.

I am currently working on my presentation for the upcoming IBM Connect conference. Connect, or Connected or Lotusphere as you may know it, returns to Orlando this January albeit to a new location, the Hilton Orlando. I have the privilege again this year to be speaking, which I am excited about. One of the things that I appreciate about my role at Perficient is that I get to work with clients developing the solution. This allows me to share both my experiences as well as experiences from the architect, developers and designers who work at Perficient.

This year I am presenting “SI-1433 : Great Technology isn’t enough, – a proven approach to a successful social adoption”. The goal is to impart some of our experiences in helping customers deploy Social and Digital Experience solutions. I hope attendees will take away ideas and an approach that will improve their deployments.

For some reason IBM thinks I am an early riser, often giving me a morning speaker slot. This year it is Wednesday February 3rd, 8:00 AM-9:00 AM in Florida 1.

As in past years Perficient is exhibiting and bringing a top notch group of employees well Versed in Digital Experience, Social, Portals and Content Management. I look forward to seeing our existing customers and meeting new people. Apologies for the pun.

More information and registration here and I look forward to see both you and the sun, soon.

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David Price

For over 20 years Mr. Price has led teams doing needs analysis, design, development, implementations and presales in the IBM Collaboration space. Prior to consulting Mr. Price spent 12 years at an international bank deploying IBM messaging and collaboration solutions. As a customer Mr. Price led project teams of international resources for design and implementation projects. Mr. Price is an three time IBM Champion.

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