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Chad Johnson

Chad is a Principal of Search and Knowledge Discovery at Perficient. He was previously the Director of Perficient's national Google for Work practice.

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Artificial Intelligence Could Replace Traditional Search

Go grab a stack of papers from the “TO-DO” pile on your desk  – it’s OK, I know you have one – mine is full of utility statements to be filed away, drawing from my kids, and coupons for things I will probably never buy. Now find the cable TV bill from April 2016. Not very difficult, huh?  We […]

Are You Tired of Hearing About Artificial Intelligence Yet?

Are you tired of hearing about artificial intelligence yet? Well, I have some bad news. It’s only going to become the most important thing in our lives. Every once in a while you read an article that completely changes and overwhelms the way you think about something. Today, for me, it was The Artificial Intelligence […]

Perficient Adds 6 New Google Apps Deployment Specialists

  Cloud-based productivity solutions are becoming more and more prevalent in the enterprise. Perficient’s consultants are keeping pace by adding new skills and certifications in this area to better assist our clients. This month six Perficient technical architects achieved their Google Apps Deployment Services Specialist certification, empowering them to work with our clients as they transition critical business […]

Coveo Reveal is a Game Changer

The only thing I have found disappointing about Coveo’s analytics-based machine learning service, Reveal, is that it wasn’t available sooner. I have struggled to help clients adjust and tune the relevancy of their search engines for many years. After spending the better part of a week in-person with the Coveo founders and leadership team, I can say that Reveal […]

Three Disadvantages of Cloud-Based Search Engines

Last week I wrote about three advantages of cloud-based search engines. While the future looks bright for these tools, there are still potential downsides. This week I would like to discuss three disadvantages of cloud-based search engines, as well as potential mitigations. I am not saying that you should not consider cloud-based search engines because of these reasons. […]

Three Advantages of Cloud-Based Search Engines

Traditionally, enterprise search engines have been firmly planted on the ground. Now, along with almost everything else in enterprise IT, search engines are quickly moving into the sky. But why? What factors are prompting the growth of cloud-based search engines? Given the immense IT security (and mindset) challenges associated with indexing sensitive content in the cloud, why are […]

Introducing the Application Indexing Protocol (AIP)

I am excited to introduce the Application Indexing Protocol! AIP, for short, allows any application to proactively make itself indexable by a variety of third-party enterprise search engines. Unlike traditional connectors (created by search engine vendors or systems integration companies), application developers can now choose exactly what they want indexed and the best way to do it. Applications can choose […]

Can Search Get Too Personal?

The following article caught my attention this afternoon: The UX Of Ethics: Should Google Tell You If You Have Cancer? “If I’m on a park bench, and I’m next to someone, and I hear them talking about symptoms of cancer, am I obligated to turn around and tell them they might have cancer?” … artificial intelligence products […]

(Re)defining Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search is changing. It used to be defined simply as finding documents in a large corporate repository or looking up specific information from some sea of data. But Enterprise Search is transitioning to something more broad and powerful. Enterprise Search now means reducing friction in your business operations. It means finding information you didn’t […]

My Initial Impressions of Google’s Cloud Vision API

When Google released the Cloud Vision API last month I started to think of the interesting ways that artificially intelligent image recognition could be used.  One idea that jumped to mind was enhancing the ability to search for marketing images and stock photography in a digital asset management system. As much as companies encourage individuals to tag and annotate […]

How to Pick Your Enterprise Search Bracket

March Madness is in full swing. Completing your bracket probably involved some tough decisions. Did you pick the favorites over the underdogs? Big schools vs. small? How about taking into account injuries or the age of the players? Evaluating enterprise search platforms can be complicated, too. There are numerous products in the marketplace with a range […]

Google’s DeepMind Artificial Intelligence Wins!

For the first time, a computer has beaten a world champion in the game of Go.  Google’s DeepMind program defeated grandmaster Lee Sedol after a three and a half hour battle.  This accomplishment was once considered impossible, given the complexity of the game and the sheer number of permutations possible in the game. What I […]

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