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(Re)defining Enterprise Search

image by crdotx on flickr

image by crdotx on flickr

Enterprise Search is changing. It used to be defined simply as finding documents in a large corporate repository or looking up specific information from some sea of data. But Enterprise Search is transitioning to something more broad and powerful. Enterprise Search now means reducing friction in your business operations. It means finding information you didn’t know you were looking for. It works hands in hand with digital marketing to promote and sell goods and services. It provides unparalleled insights into what people are doing or looking for on a website or in an application.
I think it is time for an updated definition of Enterprise Search, and I could use your help to create one. If you have 30 seconds to spare, provide your own definition of Enterprise Search below (all data is collected anonymously). I am also curious if the definition is influenced by your job description or industry, so provide those if you like. Next week I will analyze the responses and report back on our modern definition of Enterprise Search.

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Chad Johnson

Chad is a Principal of Search and Knowledge Discovery at Perficient. He was previously the Director of Perficient's national Google for Work practice.

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