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Clayton Bruckert

Over 17 years IT experience focusing on cloud architecture and web-based applications that integrate with Specialties include improving development processes, establishing best practices for teams and interface with business stake holders. Experienced in both custom development on platform as well as doing product development.

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Real-Time Integrations Are Easy in Salesforce

No secret or surprise that Informatica and Salesforce have been closely aligned and work very well together. Both are cloud solutions which free you from having to manage on-premise networks and access to your business. The ability to schedule jobs and easily identify the changes and connectors for all major data applications means that it […]

Reject All Live Agent Invites with One Click

What is Live Agent? The Live Agent app for Salesforce’s Service Cloud Agent Console is a versatile and highly customizable web chat utility. One side is the external website where your customers visit, it can be a Customer Community with authenticated users or any web page where the deployment JavaScript is placed. Salesforce provides the […]

Importing Data into Salesforce with Informatica

The need to change the values actually being imported is inevitable when you are importing data into Salesforce. Scary to some, a matter of fact to most , but a way to shine for the users of Informatica . At Perficient we have been able to use the cloud tool Informatica which offers a wide […]

Lookup Relationships with Informatica

Perficient clients are able to leverage a wide range of tools across the broad spectrum of current technologies. Through the course of my experience with Perficient’s Salesforce team I have been able to help implement different types of technical solutions. My blog posts will focus in on various solutions, and I will start with the […]