Carl Aridas

Carl is certified in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), a Scrum Master, and a Six Sigma Green Belt project manager with more than 25 years of experience in financial services overseeing large-scale development global, multi-currency accounting, regulatory reporting, and financial reporting software platforms. He has hands-on experience completing, reviewing, and filing Federal Reserve, FFIEC, and IRS reports, including Call Reports, Y9C reports, 2900 reports, TIC reports, and arbitrage rebate reports.

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Highlights from John Glen’s Keynote Speech at the Innovate Finance Global Summit on Crypto

John Glen, Economic Secretary to the Treasury of the United Kingdom, delivered the keynote speech at the Innovate Finance Global Summit held in London last month. Glen began his speech by stressing the enormous contributions financial services institutions, particularly “fintech unicorns,” have made to the UK; the UK is the leading European fintech hub and […]

Preparing to Report TRACE Transactions (Part 2 of 6)

FINRA member participation in TRACE is mandatory and obligates members to submit transaction reports in TRACE-eligible securities to conform with the Rule 6700 Series. Getting started requires a member to complete a FINRA Transparency Services Participation Agreement (FPA) version 1.4, found on the FINRA website, and then submit the signed form via the FINRA Firm […]

What is TRACE Reporting? (Part 1 of 6)

In my over thirty years of experience in the financial services industry, I have learned a thing or two about completing, reviewing, and filing various types of reports — some of which have extremely tight restrictions and constraints to which the reporter must abide. This blog marks the first of a six-part series that will […]

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United Kingdom Non-Fungible Token: Coming Soon

While there are many observers and consultants to help U.S. clients monitor cryptocurrency and crypto-tech developments, Perficient is committed to providing current and potential clients news of crypto developments around the world. In early April, during Fintech Week 2022, John Glen, who serves as Economic Secretary to the Treasury for the United Kingdom, addressed the […]

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Smart Insulin: A Bright Future for Diabetes Care

A Brief History of Diabetes Care For more than 100 years, diabetics have been taking insulin shots to control their blood sugar. As a Type I (my body does not produce any insulin on its own) diabetic, I have been giving myself insulin shots since 1974. When I was initially diagnosed, just after President Ford […]

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OCC Releases Latest CRA Evaluations for March 2022

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has released 11 Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) performance evaluations.  These evaluations are based upon on-site examinations performed by OCC-trained staff that are conducted every other year, and they assess an institution’s performance in helping to meet the specific credit needs of the communities they serve. This […]

2022 Dodd-Frank Stress Test Scenarios Released

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) recently released the economic and financial market scenarios that will be used in the upcoming stress tests for covered institutions.  Federal bank regulators work together to design Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (“CCAR”) stress tests that are designed to ensure that even in the case of […]

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NY Federal Reserve Evaluates Stablecoin Frameworks

Cryptocurrency continues to grow, and Perficient is committed to helping financial services clients continue to understand and navigate this fast-changing part of the economy. Over the last 90 days, we have let clients know about the federal banking regulators planned cryptocurrency road map, explained what steps national banks need to take to begin crypto activities, […]

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Acting Comptroller of the Currency Wants Crypto Regulated

Acting Comptroller of the Currency Michael J. Hsu spoke in late January at the British-American Business Transatlantic Finance Forum Executive Roundtable regarding the regulation of crypto-assets, including stablecoins.  Mr. Hsu began his speech by noting how cryptocurrency has gone “mainstream with consumers,” noting that 16% of American adults claim to have owned, traded, or used […]

The Pros and Cons of a Potential U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

On January 20, 2022 the Federal Reserve released a discussion paper that examined both the pros and cons of a potential U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The Federal Reserve invited comments from the public, in particular regarding whether and how a CBDC could improve America’s safe and effective domestic payments system. For the purpose […]

OCC Sets 2022 Assessment Schedule

So, you’re the CEO of a national banking corporation or a national savings bank. Therefore, your primary federal bank regulator is the Office of the Controller of the Currency (OCC). The OCC conducts frequent on-site examinations as they investigate, prepare, and then issue its reports of examination. Not only do you and your staff get […]

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OCC Provides Roadmap for National Banks and Savings Associations To Conduct Crypto Activities

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (“OCC”) issued a letter (1179) that national banks and federal savings associations must demonstrate that they have adequate controls in place before they can engage in cryptocurrency, distributed ledger, and stablecoin activities. The OCC had issued multiple Interpretive Letters in 2020 and earlier this year related to […]

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