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Brian Smith

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Four Steps to Successful Improvement through Customer Feedback

The old adage “the customer is always right” may frustrate some companies, but getting to the heart of the customer voice through robust data aggregation and analysis tools has never been easier. Social media has now given everyone a feedback channel that customer service organizations can harness to improve offerings and stay competitive. Perficient recommends […]

What Else Can My Suppliers Do?

In an economy working to build consistent and predictable growth, there is uncertainty impacting all stakeholders within the supply chain. Just as your company is likely facing pressure to reduce Operating Expenses (“OpEx”), your suppliers are living in the same ecosystem with similar challenges putting pressure on their profits. When the supply chain is asked […]

What Organizations Can Learn From Spreadsheet Debacles

In January 2010, Harvard economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff published a controversial and influential paper entitled “Growth in a Time of Debt.” The paper studied economic growth at varying levels of debt across both advanced and emerging markets and concluded that countries experienced significantly lower growth when debt levels exceed 90 percent of gross […]

When Doing Nothing Yields The Same Results

Stockholders and executives love to see new tactics followed by bottom-line improvements. But when that happens, is it always a direct cause-and-effect? Would the same improvements happen, in a dynamic and improving marketplace, had you taken no action at all? The ROI of strategic changes in a dynamic market may not accurately reflect the return […]